Friday, November 13, 2015

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Steve Grand Releases Acoustic Version of "We Are the Night"

Out pop singer/songwriter & LGBTQ rights activist Steve Grand recently released an acoustic rendition of his song "We Are the Night" [from his debut album All American Boy]. To remember what I thought of the song in its original form and album, click here for my review [which Steve himself has read and shared on Facebook]

Filmed while in Los Angeles in the midst of touring [if I remember correctly, this was sort of an impromptu gig/appearance] this stripped down version features Grand delivering some of the most dynamic vocals in any live performance to date.
In the corresponding Facebook post while acknowledging his following there is now over 200K, Grand also reflected over his rising but near tumultuous time in the public eye...

"Among many other things, in these last two years I've learned that life moves fast, and as my very wise Grandma Kay has said since I was little, it's so important to 'be flexible.' Things probably will never turn out exactly as you expect them to (they haven't for me), but that is okay. Accept your past as it is, learn from it, and move on.
Forgiving those that have wronged you (including, and possibly most importantly, yourself) does not mean you have to forget.

Most importantly, learn to stop anticipating a 'point of arrival.' This expectation will only lead to disappointment. Keep moving and loving and dreaming. Look forward more than behind you, but be present wherever you are on your journey more often than not."

Interestingly, "We Are the Night" was originally slated to have a fan-made lyric video where the best entries would be spliced together [but due to low turnout of entries/submissions, the project was quietly cancelled.] As to whether or not "We Are the Night" will get a music video this time, Grand acknowledges "There is a very good possibility it will be :)"

At the time of this writing, the video so far is inching close to 7K views. Get the views up, dammit. [If you want to keep up with Steve, follow him on the social media outlets seen here...]
If you've yet to buy or stream All American Boy, see image below...

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