Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Steve Grand: Behind the Scenes - Piano Edition

I forgot to make a post about this yesterday when initially released, but singer/songwriter Steve Grand released a new video giving an inside look as to how some of the piano elements of his music is made. He prefaces the video with the announcement of a t-shirt design contest to celebrate the pending release of the "We Are the Night" music video.

Once the video starts, Grand proceeds to reveal (Apart from a messy room which is totally fine given that messy rooms for artistic types equals MAD GENIUS status) that he had been recording tentative...again TENTATIVE new music for intended release. The new mystery song is one Grand claims he laid vocals for "60 times" prior to this BTS release.*

[*NOTE: Those that remember his interview via Hey Qween! will remember that 60 times is nothing compared to the "400" takes he did for "Stay".*]

The one thing that caught my attention was that around the 1:42 mark, Grand reveals he "dug up" a song of his that didn't make the final album cut for All-American Boy and was recording piano for this song. The only song of his I've come across that didn't make the album is a song called "Goodbye to Your Man". The only video/evidence I've seen of this song being performed was when he performed it at Pittsburgh Pride in 2014.

Considering he did say "...and right now I'm recording piano for this song..." it's kind of insinuated that this may be a different song altogether or "Goodbye to Your Man" may and I mean MAY be getting new piano treatment.

That aside, watch the Behind the Scenes content; it's a rare look into how an artist can construct TENTATIVE new material and do as the man says and do keep up with him via social media if you can...

Content pending: the review of the Dave Audé remix of "We Are the Night" IF AND ONLY IF there is approved Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube audio of it.

On deck: the review of the official video for "We Are the Night" [which if no Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube audio is sanctioned will double as a review for the remix itself]

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