Friday, January 22, 2016

Steve Grand: Behind the Scenes - Shaker Edition

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand only announced it in the middle of the night, but as promised a new Behind the Scenes video was posted regarding the recording process (Total personal note: I'm loving the scruff he has.) This now marks the 6th video release in 2 months and 3rd vlog entry in the past month.

"The scruff is a natural part of being committed
to my art and proof I need to be committed. ;ppp"
-Steve Grand, "probably"
[Side note, I hope he named those shakers Salt and Pepa]
This time with Nick Block, Grand goes over how the shaker* is incorporated with his music and how it's a process he mentioned on Twitter as "not taking lightly" [*before the video, I knew it was something percussion or rhythm related. After the video, I became less ignorant].

NOTE: Do NOT fuck around when it comes to percussion; he will eat you alive. *The More You Know*

Now knowing that much more about the recording process, what should he cover next? Be like me and leave a thoughtful comment (Again, a T-H-O-U-G-H-T-FUL comment and not a T-H-O-T-FUL comment) for him. Personally, my hope is that he'll discuss songwriting and the pop inspirations like Lady Gaga and even Taylor Swift [to further drive home he's not country and has NEVER said he was] but try to leave ideas for him for new content.

Seriously, no new artist is being this transparent with their audience and this needs to be taken seriously.

Also, there's a preview of the remix and in turn video of "We Are the Night", so get excited.

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