Friday, January 1, 2016

Steve Grand Recaps His 2015

Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand just pulled his 4th video stunt since December 21st of what is now last year. It kicked off with his rendition of Mariah Carey's Christmas staple "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which since release has amassed 574,162 views [the half million point being crossed 6 days after release].

He then proceeded to release a two part behind the scenes look into what made the video the viral success that it is [FUN Fact: the video links first posted to Twitter by Grand were only THREE. HOURS. APART]. Now in his 4th surprise video release this month [5 total in two months with the acoustic rendition of "We are the Night" released back in November which will have a "proper" release date "probably in late January"].

The most surprising/exciting detail is a remix made by a well known DJ who has made remixes for some of the biggest names in mainstream music!

Though Grand doesn't touch on all of the "...challenging year...personally and professionally" aspects of his 2015, it is worth reminding that he was part of a STATE DEPARTMENT SPONSORED cultural envoy to Lithuania and Latvia; Riga, just having hosted EuroPride which was the first time that had ever happened in a former Soviet republic.

So look for a lot of "We are the Night" related content from Grand to kick off 2016. #GrandFam #GrandFam4Life

***NOTE: This remix of "We are the Night" is at the very least appearing on iTunes in January. Links to other streaming sites are at the moment TBD and purely speculative.***

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