Friday, February 19, 2016

NEW VIDEO ALERT: "We Are the Night" by Steve Grand

Continuing his video release hustle but ending the All American Boy era on a high note, singer/songwriter Steve Grand has just released the official video for his song "We Are the Night". *NOTE: On January 4th, in the midst of a graphic design contest announced on his Facebook page, Grand revealed that the video mix is the Dave Audé remix*

If you include the acoustic rendition from back in November of 2015, this marks a second video treatment for the song [which almost wasn't included on the original album, but due to more than positive reception from the Grand Fam convinced him it deserved a place on the album].

Filmed in early December of last year, the John Lavin* directed video features Grand and standout dancer Dexter Mayfield among those having the time of their lives. [*John Lavin if you remember also directed the video for "All I Want For Christmas Is You"] Here's how the review for the video will work: the only real factor is cohesion between the visuals used and the song. All other commentary will be used for entertainment purposes (Meaning, No T, No Shade, GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS)

The preview for the video from his Behind the Scenes shaker vlog gave the impression that apart from giving sex appeal in a red jacket, Grand and co. are having the time of their lives even if their surroundings seem to indicate they should be miserable (Though Grand suffered once he revealed that one of the rental cars was a Chevrolet Spark AKA the D- student of Chevrolet cars.)

Observations: [getting these two out of the way] DAT ASS and THAT RED JACKET to do what a lot refuse to do and move on to the content itself.

Side note for Steve: I don't give a remote controlled fuck how much you spent on that red leather jacket; it looks amazing.

My biggest question is this; what the hell is with EDM/EDM adjacent music and thin white triangle outlines? Geometry on fleek, but that's confused the hell out of me since 2009 [when this music type went mainstream].

Dexter Mayfield and tutu-chick are amazing in the video.

Steve at some points does give a little "Empire" by Shakira realness what with the posing with dead looking/brittle looking tree/shrubbery looking things.

CLOCK the rental cars! A blue Honda sedan, that damned Spark and a custom Scion tc sedan.

Steve cannot dance but when gifted with singing, dancing is usually sacrificed [ask Mariah Carey] but that dust kicking move was cute. OK, Steve can't dance but he can certainly do some runway walking [as only his adorkable ass can].

CORRECTION: Steve CAN dance if a spin move counts as a dance.

Credit to the dancers/video models with rhythm; your routines were cute and get 10s across the board.

Steve's face at the end of the video is a bit too intense for such an upbeat remix [but maybe because as one person on Instagram pointed out, the NBC/Comcast building was in the background and post-production became a bit of a bitch.] but I'll allow it. That man has good genetics on his side and I shant clock him too much for intensity.

VERDICT: It's a cute video that deserves attention ESPECIALLY FROM BUZZFEED. The concept is "self-esteem anthem in the desert" and it's executed fantastically.

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