Monday, February 29, 2016

Steve Grand Hits the Gym

After an eventful last week with "We Are the Night" getting a much hyped and #GrandFam requested music video treatment, singer/songwriter Steve Grand returns to the lovely Gu-vlog [gulag + vlog = Gu-vlog] landscape known as YouTube. Here's what daddy* talked about this week...

Observations: Health and Fitness? How 'bout fitness this d...never mind; his vlog his rules.

- I was eating McDonald's as I watched this so thank you for that delicious irony, Steve.

- Getting those perv views with that armpit action. Smell of success on fleek.

- In case this looks dated, this is from when Steve had only announced being sober back in December/the beginning of this year.

- NIPPLE ALERT...if you're new. One of Steve's nipples returns on a vlog since that DaveyWavey collaboration from 2015.

- Let me be serious Steve. DON'T YOU EVER BECOME A GYM RAT. Working out is fine, but you're a hot person with a soul and gym rats HAVE NO SOULS. Maintain your soul as a hot person, Steve.

- At least Trevor LaPaglia has a budding career in thirst trap camera work. I'd've said porn but budding was poor word choice...

- Again, DON'T BECOME A GYM RAT. You're a hot person with a soul. Don't conform to this health bullshit just to impress other people.

- I'm secretly [yeah fucking right] seething at all this "bro" shit. Sorry...breaux shit. Hopefully the Pappadeaux spelling of that means he will still have a soul despite being in the gym and melding with gym culture...his vlog, his rules I know but goddamnit DO NOT BECOME A GYM RAT.

- That protein shake spill...Steve knows the perv faction of his audience rather well. Come on, self awareness.

Now that that's done, the rest of you watch the video for "We Are the Night". If you made time during Christmas to watch his cover of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", you can take time out of February going on March to watch the video closing out the All American Boy era.

*If you're wondering what the "daddy" thing is about, Steve once called Jon Hamm "daddy" on Twitter after Hamm had finally won an Emmy. "Daddy" ended up sticking with Steve, especially when in SoCal, he once tweeted something to the effect of "daddy likes his tub time". Like a true Lana Del Rey fan, he gots a taste for men who are older...*

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