Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Steve Grand & How Non-Perverted Orders Are Fulfilled

No draft to brag about this time. Singer/songwriter Steve Grand is the STUNT KWEEN DUJOUR. So here's what the #GrandFam gets this time around from daddy...

SIDE NOTE: We're probably not going to know what happened to this video/print screen which has been unofficially declared dead before arrival. The "Stop Objectifying" video must've been what this video was going to be. Oh well; it's a mystery to is the poo emoji. No clue why it's a thing.


Observations: The special contest edition of the We Are the Night t-shirt looks to be out "next month"; winner is probably not going to be named until that day but that much is speculative.

- I clocked that bit of ab at the 0:53 mark of the video. <3

- Visit ; see, he's not the only one with more shameless plugging abilities like a power strip.

- So Big Cartel is like Squarespace but for online stores...I that he's plugging them as well.

- Steve, you have [in no simpler term] a FUCKTON of visitors with numbers that require the maths and such and this is about the most math we remember...

I'm amazed at the fact either of us can consider this CHARTED territory.

- Steve will actually tumble for us...he's such a romantic. A dork, but romance is rare and I will gladly take that.


- 2:45 mark...any man willing to get THAT close up to a camera is more courageous than I ever will be. No T, No Shade that's some hardcore shit right there.

- Honey, no one gives a remote controlled fuck about being SOOOOOOOOO phisticated. We're in the U.S. for Gaga's sake.

- Staples, give Steve money to hawk your products and services. He name checked you.

- Bottom line: keep up with him, bitch. Pretty much to secure your order, have questions or just to not be confused as fuck.

- A printer from 2007 that still works? Holy fuck you're made of magic.

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