Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Steve Grand: Haters are Motivators

(Me: "Another post about a vlog from Steve Grand? How thirsty are you?"

Also me: Yup, and considering keeping up with him is more fulfilling then trying yet again with The Voice you can have several seats in every auditorium in the Western Hemisphere.)

In keeping with the ever so detailed criterion of "within a week" and "one(ish)", singer/songwriter Steve Grand is on his side hustle of vlog enthusiast (When not giving businessman in the making realness having secured a t-shirt deal with bassackwards tees and having determined a winner of the "We Are the Night" t-shirt contest...at some point in this Gregorian calendar year...)

This time, Grand opens up about how the initial criticism of "All American Boy" would affect him...

Observations: he doesn't go into exact criticism he's received. Considering he's just now opening up about this, it's just a step in the right direction towards being open with his audience.

- In the thumbnail, there's a picture not previously seen in which he's shaved head with what appears to be blotchy skin...Steve, what was happening here? Was this prior to your re-emergence at Cleveland Pride 2015? I'm wondering.

The devil's in the details, but Steve I hope you were
OK because that picture kind of scares me...

- His disclaimers are proof that he is growing as a person. Granted they do seem a bit unnecessary if it's HIM opening up, but by the by it's HIM so again...step in the right direction.

- SIDE NOTE: this personal hell thing is something I inadvertently picked up on prior to his social media break fromantic August of last year. I wrote him a letter about something he touched on...perception vs. reality.

- Him admitting things got to him is disheartening especially if like the Grand Fam at large, you know the things he's done especially related to activism, being nice to lovestruck wackos like me, etc. 

- PERSONAL NOTE: talking about songwriting would not only make me happy, but also help address critics who call you country when you're actually POP IN THE SINGER/SONGWRITER VAIN.

- This honesty is why I DMd you my number, Steve.

On deck: "We Are the Night" music video review.

Pending: "We Are the Night" remix review ONLY if it's on say, Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube as a separate entry on his channel.
If that isn't the case, the music video review will double as a review of the remix.

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