Saturday, February 13, 2016

Steve Grand: Valentine Stunt KWEEN & YouTube's Gay Dad

After that much needed last entry from his chest, singer/songwriter Steve Grand returns to his latest vlog schedule. Here's what he has in store for the #GrandFam this week...

Observations: Steve is such a stunt KWEEN and I live. He's currently in Denver awaiting to play a gig at around midnight and he decides to post this video. STUNT KWEEN.

- So a niche audience he worked out is the foot fetishist audience. Some T, Some Shade if lotion shows up in the P.O. Box you set this up yourself Steve.

They're crying "defeat" for a WHOLE 'NOTHER REASON

- HOT PEOPLE EAT SOLID FOOD...OH MY GOD. Apparently, it's Butter Pecan Breyer's Ice Cream. I'd've preferred a palatable flavor like Strawberry but his video, his rules.

- Hallmark bullshit must be abolished. Plugging the website, must be continued forever.

- PRIORITIES ON FLEEK, Steve. SIDE NOTE to Lady Gaga; start a record label and sign Steve AT ONCE.

- Nothing says romantic setting like a sweaty armpit stain in a t-shirt and eating copious amounts of food by yourself. As RuPaul says, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else?"

- "Clean your butthole" & "Trim out the forest" = PURE. JOY. when said by a person invested in sarcastic, nuanced humor.

To be honest, receiving from him has been a dream of mine.
Advice however, was not part of that dream.

Do as he says and follow his adorkable ass on social media; "We Are the Night" video comes out February 19th.

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