Thursday, March 31, 2016

Steve Grand: "Look Away" BTS with Eli Lieb Part I

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand makes another entry to his vlogging side hustle. As to what it pertains to, well...let's just say media outlets won't give a shit and that that isn't fair. Enough of that; here's what YouTube's Gay Dad submitted this week...
***It's a 2 part, I'm cool with that. Probably not going to ever see Steve talk about songwriting to reinforce him being a pop artist but BTS videos are actually cool.***

OBSERVATIONS: Even A-Kickstarter-List...ah hell, even ON-A-List-of-Some-Sort celebrities like Steve Grand hate going to work early.

He CAN "Look Away"...from the alarm clock. #SnoozeButtonRealness

- Indeed, we all want attention/fame/sex or anything else that's validating.

- Steve, a ho is someone who gets PAID $$$$ to sleep around. Doing it for free is being a "slut" but a slut is only someone having more sex than you. That's a fact based on nothing, so like an opinion with little basis in reality. The American Dream of thinking, if you will.

- Subtle shade at outrage culture? YAAAAAAAAAAS; oh wait that "annoys" Eli. #YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.

- If you're wondering why the word "breaux" keeps appearing, Steve must've caught wind of the Pappadeaux via Rihanna spelling style of "heaux" = hoes. In his case, "breaux" is after a character in a gym [hell] affectionately called #TruckerGymBreaux that Steve got internet love for by creeping on and getting heartbroken by this son of a bitch.
"So he was dicking around?" Not the way he wanted to, but yes.

- Aw, Steve promotes Eli's music. Watch the video or find an Eli Lieb stan on Twitter. I stan for Steve out of the two.


Fine, Steve inadvertently promotes Eli Lieb's song "Young Love" and Steve provided links in the BTS video. Follow Eli on social media as well.

- The piano reads "Kawai"; add an "i" and we could have "Steve Grand Super Kawaii Piano Happy Wish Show".

- Steve; memes work one of these ways:

1. Schadenfreude + Dumb luck of someone with a camera = MEME

2. Picture of a dated pop culture reference + mundane sentiments meant to be "relatable" = MEME

3. Cat + Internet = MEME

4. Raunchy humor + "hot button"/sensationalized topic in the news or popular culture outlets = MEME

Though at least you know the possibility of that moment being a GIF.

- Oh a Lexus SUV was rented? YAAAAAAAAAS GAWD, you better step that rental game UP hunny. <3 #GrindNowShineLater

New music & maybe that We Are the Night t-shirt contest winner on the horizon (Though by now it's clear or at least very likely that because the video under-performed for no reason, the t-shirt contest was secretly canned. That could come...way later than expected.)

Validate Steve and follow him on social media...

Do the same for Eli by watching the video for his links.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT: Eli Lieb & Steve Grand "Look Away"

Nothing like a surprise release collaboration to get the day started. Singer/songwriter Steve Grand is featured on fellow music act Eli Lieb's new song "Look Away" (Yes, it's a team effort but the video is on Eli's YouTube channel. Yet the track itself is available on Steve's Bandcamp account...anyway, the song is pretty good.)

OBSERVATIONS: Lighting is made by the LORDE our GAGA for this video.

- "I'll never touch your body again." well, that's uplifting. By that I mean me getting under a cover is "uplifting" because I'm sad now.

- Neither of them are afraid to get all Sinead a la "Nothing Compares 2 U" close up to a camera and THAT'S impressive.

- Steve playing the piano in some shots more than makes up for the fact that he was kind of screwed in an ancillary role here...oops. I shouldn't project my feelings like this.

- "I miss watching you asleep...your scent on my sheet" beautifully delivered, albeit a touch but not too creepy. Just like a singer should be 24/7/366 [Happy Leap Year, bitches.]

- Being THAT close to the camera is powerful, but the triangles in their eyes did get semi-distracting (At least it's not some "illuminati confirmed" "joke".)

There's really not much even MY self imposed World's Sexiest Cynic ass can really say about this. Pretty good song, emotive depth but without it being soul-crushing on a "sad" song. Share the video and validate some musicians today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Steve Grand: BOER'd Out of His Gourd Part II

Picking up where Part I left off, singer/songwriter Steve Grand shares more of his trip/gig in South Africa; playing the Mince Festival with PNEUMONIA. Your faves would cancel a show for a mild tummy-ache. This tough son of a bitch played an INTERNATIONAL GIG WITH PNEUMONIA. YAAAAAAAS Steve, SLAAAAAAAAAAAY.

But before we get into this video goodness, I have to ask Steve...what about that We Are the Night t-shirt contest? Tentative date of "by next month" yes, but...just wondering if that like the lyric video contest was secretly canned due to low submission number again.

OBSERVATIONS: "Behhlheedaart"...I'm guessing the phlegm has certain impact...Dutch, y'all.

- For those who don't already know, in Steve's linguistic coding, lions are called "big cats". Reasons? They all have to do with him being the world's hottest dork.

- Outside of just doing this for a vlog, Steve inadvertently admits to being the kid in school who asked questions out of legitimate curiosity for him while his classmates hated him and wanted to move on.
I base that on the enthusiasm in his voice. Don't ask ME why I'm weird. I just go with it.

- 5 ft. away from them? That's like soooooooooooooo hardcore.

- REMINDER: this is when he contracted pneumonia. Still having enthusiasm with such an icky [lack of better term] disease? WURQ.

- "Applause" is better than "Roar"...oh you meant the sound a lion makes. Carry on.

- A hyena performing autofellatio? Hardly the weirdest thing ever seen on YouTube, so relax.

- *The Hunkus Dorkus is demonstrating his Dave Salmoni wannabe kick. This is not to detract from the beauty of the sleeping animals here in "Behhlheedaart"*

- FUN FACT: the boots at the 7:20 mark are the "relatively new(ish)" boots Grand debuted at some point late last year around the filming of the "We Are the Night" music video. O_O yes, I probably have issues; no, I really couldn't care less.

- Itineraries matter, y'all. Schedules or at least a checklist of things to do can prevent any type of "diva" behavior. Invest in them.

- The camo shorts are cute. I only noticed them right when I was back to playing the video in the midst of the "staying sane" speech.

- Again, he played his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere WITH PNEUMONIA. Your faves cancel due to "exhaustion".

Keep up with him on social media to validate his internet self-worth. <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Steve Grand: BOER'd Out of His Gourd Part I

Nothing fancy for this blog assist. This time, singer/songwriter Steve Grand shares his trip to South Africa's radio stations and sees some lions [this is his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere, so give him some A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E] ***NOTE: This is Part 1 of 2***

OBSERVATIONS: Steve...lions go all RAWR and stuff at anything. Chain link fence be damned. Though your Jack Hanna...wait...Dave Salmoni kick is kind of adorable. <3

- SPECIAL SKILL-SET ALERT! Steve reveals his talent of editing videos on a commercial flight. It looked like the Asbury Park gig, but hey...that's a skill to be productive in a place people don't want to be bothered in. <3


- The Hunkus Dorkus is shown adapting to the biome of a radio tour held in the safest country for LGBT people.
*Side note 1: If LGBT and traveling, do your fucking research on safe places for LGBT people. SPOILER: it's mainly North America and Western Europe and MAYBE Japan.*

*Side note 2: He deserves more press in the U.S. GET ON IT, U.S.! I will NOT lose Steve to the international market!*

- Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolling yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RRRRRRRRRRRRRRs on a white perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrson's name? GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL

- South African accents are pretty much less bogan-driven Aussie accents. Seriously though it is Dutch + Aussie = South African accent. Just pleasant enough to be charming, but with some stern enunciation as well. [I base that on nothing like a good, albeit Ugly American XP]

- Dear Ray-Ban sunglasses; GIVE HIM MONEY TO HAWK YOUR WARES. Or more likely, the Wayfarer. It's his signature pair and he DESERVES YOUR MONEY.

- Hunny, that's Robben Island. wearing the number 46664, Robben Island was prison where Nelson Mandela served a FUCKTON of time for being a political dissident. [ANTM buffs, this is where Keenyah was pissed at Naima for no good goddamn reason.]

- OK; that Cliff Center DJ TRIED it by thinking "Steve Starchild Grand" was acceptable. I mean credit to him for researching the Starchild days, but sir...his proper title is...

Singer/Songwriter, Steve Grand

- That DJ redeemed himself by relaying important advice...


-Steve Grand; the man who gives HOLE-some advice

- That man HAD PNEUMONIA and would later perform at the Mince Festival THE SAME. DAY. Your faves could never.

Stay tuned for Part II of Steve being BOER'd Out of His Gourd. In the meantime, keep up with him on social media seen here [though he plugs Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram the most lately.]

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steve Grand: Asbury Park was Melting

Cute play on Donna Summer's best song aside, singer/songwriter Steve Grand once again is on his vlogging kick. Returning to the gu-vlog from his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere, here's what daddy posted this week...

OBSERVATIONS: Good LORDE in heaven; a He Who Inspired Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber cover? REALLY? *ehh-hemm* his music career, his rules but pick songs that don't suck. Like with "Pillow Talk", I know exactly why Steve is covering trash...err...a song like "Sorry"; to prove he's hip to the Hot 100.

- Steve's handling of "Hello" by Adele is something to take note of because he made a cover unique (He's done this with "Bennie and the Jets" but then again, I'm not that brand new to his covering skills.) This is proof that for all the "Pillow Talk" and "Sorry" bullshit, he can be hip to the Hot 100 but pick songs that play with his depth as an artist as well.*

*INTERMISSION: Me vs. Myself & I

Me: "So you really do hate these Bieber and Zayn songs, don't you?

Myself: "I'd rather Steve pick songs that don't suck like 'Hello' and also sing a Lady Gaga song every now and then."

I: "Isn't that asking him to ignore the fact that despite being terrible, 'Pillow Talk' and 'Sorry' are radio hits that when covered can bring more fans for artists on the rise like him?"

Myself: "I'm not stupid, but goddamnit I really don't like it when artists outright just cover 'hit songs' just because of their success."

Me: "Listen bitch; we all know that what's popular isn't always right and what's right isn't always popular."

I: "At least Steve has the vocal ability to show up Bieber and Zayn and show those hacks how to sing a song."

Myself: "Fine. I'll only sneer at song choices that I deem shitty but not be so..."

Me: "Bitchy about it?"

I: "Aggressive as hell about it?"

Myself: "Sure, whatever."


- "He's a fan!" ; Steve, I've watched that Urban Cowboy audition you did on Vimeo. I knew then as an actor you'd make a wonderful musician...especially when you attempt to act surprised that you have a fan.

"I was on my Daniel Day-Lewis kick! Were you not entertained?!"
Not intentionally, honey.

- All other footage seen here were just Instagram posted, but that's no knock on the camera work over at the Grand Camp. All footage used is captured rather well.

- Once the setlist is magnified, there's a song called "Don't Let the Light In". This is one of the two new songs that Grand has been sharing with audiences. If my vision doesn't totally suck, looks like there's a new song he's performing live only at the moment called "Gold Rush".

- Oh yeah, there's some type of exotic cat looking thing but...meh. Musician > cat in a video for me.

"YOU MONSTER! Cats are adorbz as fuck!"
- Steve Grand, probably at several points in his life

- "Back to California" as a live song makes more sense than just a single release [my crazy ass also thought it made more sense on the album than a single. I don't know why...] as it just showcases depth but with no pretentious bullshit.

From the end of the video, it looks like BTS goodies are about to roll in ever so surely. Follow my crush on social media and watch his music video "We Are the Night".

Saturday, March 5, 2016

COVER Boy: What I Think Steve Grand Should Cover

Because I have nerve and want to have my thoughts taken seriously (OK, I want to feel important and listened to.) I thought I'd make an innocuous wishlist of songs I'd like to hear singer/songwriter Steve Grand should cover. Whether it's for a concert or a promotional single a la "Bennie and the Jets", nothing says a wishlist is verboten.

Some rules to establish:
- Most if not all selections are going to be some vein of pop. He is a pop singer/songwriter similar in theory to Bruce Springsteen mixed with Colbie Caillat's pep with smidgens of Lady Gaga and Fall Out Boy. Unlike media outlets, I will always respect that he isn't country.

- Songs that suck like "Bleeding Love", "Counting Stars", etc. are disqualified as Grand has done nothing to deserve terrible material like that.

The songs are presented in no particular order/rank.

"Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode: This song came up as I was listening to the radio and the registers emitted made me think, "If Steve wanted to show an audience his developing lower register skills, this could be a good place to start."
Also, New Wave songs like this could maybe drive home that he isn't "country".

"People Talk" by Donna Summer: This gem disrespected by Geffen is just the pop song I think Steve could nail. He can put energy and dynamics behind this song as he relates it to his "perception vs. reality" dealings being a newfound celebrity figure in a little less than but going on 3 years.

"You and I" or "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga: Back in his "Steve Starchild" days, Grand covered "You and I" so this is territory he could visit again. "Paparazzi" is a challenging dance/pop song he could pull off especially considering Gaga songs are just as technically demanding as Adele songs.
Plus, nothing says "I'm a pop singer in the making" like covering Mother Monster.

"Young & Beautiful" or "Shades of Cool" by Lana Del Rey: Sort of playing off the Depeche Mode suggestion, both LDR songs can show off improvements or show off his under-appreciated lower registers. For the pop mentioned here, LDR can actually translate the easiest to Grand's style of "sit at the piano and SLAY" style of shows.
FUN Fact: Back when Steve had Periscope AKA Ustream with Relevance for a hot minute, "Young & Beautiful" was sung around before or after one of his 2015 Pride performances but before the dreaded social media break.

"Don't Call Me Baby" by Madison Avenue: Another case of being blatant dance/pop, but this time meant as a pleasant surprise to the audience. Also, most of the song relates to the "Loving Again" lyric "Burn me once, alright/But burn me twice & boy you betta watch your behind!"

"You're Still the One" or "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain: -_- "She's country!" I'm relying on the 2 Shania songs that managed to escape the hellish label country and become damn near genre-less.
These happen to be songs that can play into his vulnerable and playful heartbreaker sides respectively.

"Haunted" by Beyoncé: Another case of lower register work, but mixed with adding to his growing status as a sex symbol (Yes, he's a sex symbol in the making. Don't give me that look.) The thought of Grand getting his sexy on while singing "I know if I'm onto you, I'm on to you/Onto you, I'm onto you/Onto you, you must be on to me" just seems like a no-brainer.

"Get Along With You" or "Suspended" by Kelis: For as much as "4th of July (Fireworks)" is my favorite Kelis song ever, I know full damn well "Get Along With You" or "Suspended" can get the job done more effectively as it gives Steve lyrical depth to play off of.
When done right, Steve does possess the nuanced and disciplined vocals to take on such subtle pop/R&B cuts.

"Heart of Glass" by Blondie: Disco made by a pop/punk band? That's like pop music made by a pop/Americana artist who gets mislabeled "country"...kidding aside, it's a goddamn classic and this song can allow him to cut loose without sacrificing his performance value.

This is only a condensed "wishlist" for someone who frankly does whatever the fuck he wants at his discretion. It works for him, but this is still worth a read.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Steve Grand: DOUBLE TIME Awareness

Since last posting, singer/songwriter Steve Grand is currently (at least at the time of this writing) playing his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa for the Mince Festival. You better SLAY, Steve.
He among many others in the #GrandFam have reassured me that despite "We Are the Night" not getting the views it deserves, Grand appreciates the support I've given constantly (And look at my Twitter; constant is an understatement.)

Finally over the funk, below are 2 videos; one another BTS vlog, centered around his fan acclaimed gig at the Gramercy Theater in NYC and a promo video with bassackwards t-shirts. For more information on more than just Steve's shirt with them, head on over to 

The only thing I have to say about that video are that "Pillow Talk" CAN sound good when sung out loud and that I'm wanting you to come to San Antonio, Steve. Also, you're a hot person with a soul and that really is more rare than you realize.

LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRE. I now know what it's like to get the VAPORS/VAPUHHS. Support the arts! I mean, buy a shirt if you have money. 10% is going to an LGBT organization or several but buy the shirt. If like me you have no money, share the video so people with money can see it.

Follow Steve on the socials seen here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"We Are the Night" Deserves More Views

UPDATE: Apparently, Instinct did write about "We Are the Night"...4 days after release.

You still suck for jumping on thirst trap content ALMOST IMMEDIATELY but you've been spared further wrath.


So after a little over a week, "We Are the Night" by singer/songwriter Steve Grand has been paid dust by the internet at large or en masse. As I'm writing this, the video sits at 42,611 views which is fucked up for reasons I will divulge later in the post.

But before that, I have something to show Queerty, Towleroad, Gay Star News, BuzzFeed's main, Music and LGBT account along with every non NewNowNext outlet...the music video for "We Are the Night" with the Dave Aude remix as the audio.

So what exactly has my ire directed at all of you at large? Take time out of your March 1st and get to reading...

- This is the 2nd time (!) a video treatment for "We Are the Night" that has gone ignored at large despite most of you non-BuzzFeed sites covering that version.
Back in November of last year, Grand released an acoustic version of "We Are the Night" to celebrate getting over 200,000 Facebook followers and treated this as a secret release. Despite your sites' praise of Grand's vocals here, it didn't translate into views as of this day of writing has 36,370 views...-_-

That was easier to get over than the fact that an official video being teased BACK IN DECEMBER, the remix being revealed as the official video mix IN JANUARY and a release date of February 19th being revealed ONE WEEK BEFORE THE VIDEO WAS RELEASED.
Are his social media activities and YouTube videos not worth your attention if he isn't in a cabin setting getting a snog on with Trevor LaPaglia? That in turn is the next point as to why you media outlets have earned my ire...

- You [internet at large/en masse] had ALL the time during Christmas and New Year's Eve to watch a cover of his and in turn have the influence garner 500,000 views in 6 days, but can't take time out of your February to March to view an official music video...
Returning to LaPaglia, I'm now guessing Grand's videos aren't enough unless you can in turn write a thirst trap content about his co-star...

No T, No Shade to LaPaglia; like my ire at BuzzFeed for only paying Steve mind when Sgt. White asked him to the Marine Corps Ball and not ANYTHING else since "All American Boy" from back in 2013, I'm mad at them. You happen to be part of it, but not the cause.

- BuzzFeed, this yet again is for you because I've sent an e-mail to music writers there and an LGBT vertical contributor and you STILL refuse to cover the very artist I discovered THROUGH. YOU.
To this day, these are the only articles you've ever done over Steve's music AKA THE THING HE'S FAMOUS FOR FIRST.

You can easily cover his music as you essentially made him a thing that's STILL going on, but for unknown reasons have refused to do anything about it.

As to the tweets that caused this fit from me, Instinct and Towleroad, this is all your fault. You failed to cover his music video, but show up right on cue for thirst trap shit...

As to what the most important reason you sons of bitches should be covering this music video is that it's closing out the All American Boy era. Meaning no new musical content online for a LONG while.

That's called proof, and since I've made my case more than loud and clear get to writing an article about the video for "We Are the Night".