Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT: Eli Lieb & Steve Grand "Look Away"

Nothing like a surprise release collaboration to get the day started. Singer/songwriter Steve Grand is featured on fellow music act Eli Lieb's new song "Look Away" (Yes, it's a team effort but the video is on Eli's YouTube channel. Yet the track itself is available on Steve's Bandcamp account...anyway, the song is pretty good.)

OBSERVATIONS: Lighting is made by the LORDE our GAGA for this video.

- "I'll never touch your body again." well, that's uplifting. By that I mean me getting under a cover is "uplifting" because I'm sad now.

- Neither of them are afraid to get all Sinead a la "Nothing Compares 2 U" close up to a camera and THAT'S impressive.

- Steve playing the piano in some shots more than makes up for the fact that he was kind of screwed in an ancillary role here...oops. I shouldn't project my feelings like this.

- "I miss watching you asleep...your scent on my sheet" beautifully delivered, albeit a touch but not too creepy. Just like a singer should be 24/7/366 [Happy Leap Year, bitches.]

- Being THAT close to the camera is powerful, but the triangles in their eyes did get semi-distracting (At least it's not some "illuminati confirmed" "joke".)

There's really not much even MY self imposed World's Sexiest Cynic ass can really say about this. Pretty good song, emotive depth but without it being soul-crushing on a "sad" song. Share the video and validate some musicians today.

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