Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steve Grand: Asbury Park was Melting

Cute play on Donna Summer's best song aside, singer/songwriter Steve Grand once again is on his vlogging kick. Returning to the gu-vlog from his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere, here's what daddy posted this week...

OBSERVATIONS: Good LORDE in heaven; a He Who Inspired Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber cover? REALLY? *ehh-hemm* his music career, his rules but pick songs that don't suck. Like with "Pillow Talk", I know exactly why Steve is covering trash...err...a song like "Sorry"; to prove he's hip to the Hot 100.

- Steve's handling of "Hello" by Adele is something to take note of because he made a cover unique (He's done this with "Bennie and the Jets" but then again, I'm not that brand new to his covering skills.) This is proof that for all the "Pillow Talk" and "Sorry" bullshit, he can be hip to the Hot 100 but pick songs that play with his depth as an artist as well.*

*INTERMISSION: Me vs. Myself & I

Me: "So you really do hate these Bieber and Zayn songs, don't you?

Myself: "I'd rather Steve pick songs that don't suck like 'Hello' and also sing a Lady Gaga song every now and then."

I: "Isn't that asking him to ignore the fact that despite being terrible, 'Pillow Talk' and 'Sorry' are radio hits that when covered can bring more fans for artists on the rise like him?"

Myself: "I'm not stupid, but goddamnit I really don't like it when artists outright just cover 'hit songs' just because of their success."

Me: "Listen bitch; we all know that what's popular isn't always right and what's right isn't always popular."

I: "At least Steve has the vocal ability to show up Bieber and Zayn and show those hacks how to sing a song."

Myself: "Fine. I'll only sneer at song choices that I deem shitty but not be so..."

Me: "Bitchy about it?"

I: "Aggressive as hell about it?"

Myself: "Sure, whatever."


- "He's a fan!" ; Steve, I've watched that Urban Cowboy audition you did on Vimeo. I knew then as an actor you'd make a wonderful musician...especially when you attempt to act surprised that you have a fan.

"I was on my Daniel Day-Lewis kick! Were you not entertained?!"
Not intentionally, honey.

- All other footage seen here were just Instagram posted, but that's no knock on the camera work over at the Grand Camp. All footage used is captured rather well.

- Once the setlist is magnified, there's a song called "Don't Let the Light In". This is one of the two new songs that Grand has been sharing with audiences. If my vision doesn't totally suck, looks like there's a new song he's performing live only at the moment called "Gold Rush".

- Oh yeah, there's some type of exotic cat looking thing but...meh. Musician > cat in a video for me.

"YOU MONSTER! Cats are adorbz as fuck!"
- Steve Grand, probably at several points in his life

- "Back to California" as a live song makes more sense than just a single release [my crazy ass also thought it made more sense on the album than a single. I don't know why...] as it just showcases depth but with no pretentious bullshit.

From the end of the video, it looks like BTS goodies are about to roll in ever so surely. Follow my crush on social media and watch his music video "We Are the Night".

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