Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Steve Grand: BOER'd Out of His Gourd Part II

Picking up where Part I left off, singer/songwriter Steve Grand shares more of his trip/gig in South Africa; playing the Mince Festival with PNEUMONIA. Your faves would cancel a show for a mild tummy-ache. This tough son of a bitch played an INTERNATIONAL GIG WITH PNEUMONIA. YAAAAAAAS Steve, SLAAAAAAAAAAAY.

But before we get into this video goodness, I have to ask Steve...what about that We Are the Night t-shirt contest? Tentative date of "by next month" yes, but...just wondering if that like the lyric video contest was secretly canned due to low submission number again.

OBSERVATIONS: "Behhlheedaart"...I'm guessing the phlegm has certain impact...Dutch, y'all.

- For those who don't already know, in Steve's linguistic coding, lions are called "big cats". Reasons? They all have to do with him being the world's hottest dork.

- Outside of just doing this for a vlog, Steve inadvertently admits to being the kid in school who asked questions out of legitimate curiosity for him while his classmates hated him and wanted to move on.
I base that on the enthusiasm in his voice. Don't ask ME why I'm weird. I just go with it.

- 5 ft. away from them? That's like soooooooooooooo hardcore.

- REMINDER: this is when he contracted pneumonia. Still having enthusiasm with such an icky [lack of better term] disease? WURQ.

- "Applause" is better than "Roar"...oh you meant the sound a lion makes. Carry on.

- A hyena performing autofellatio? Hardly the weirdest thing ever seen on YouTube, so relax.

- *The Hunkus Dorkus is demonstrating his Dave Salmoni wannabe kick. This is not to detract from the beauty of the sleeping animals here in "Behhlheedaart"*

- FUN FACT: the boots at the 7:20 mark are the "relatively new(ish)" boots Grand debuted at some point late last year around the filming of the "We Are the Night" music video. O_O yes, I probably have issues; no, I really couldn't care less.

- Itineraries matter, y'all. Schedules or at least a checklist of things to do can prevent any type of "diva" behavior. Invest in them.

- The camo shorts are cute. I only noticed them right when I was back to playing the video in the midst of the "staying sane" speech.

- Again, he played his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere WITH PNEUMONIA. Your faves cancel due to "exhaustion".

Keep up with him on social media to validate his internet self-worth. <3

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