Friday, March 4, 2016

Steve Grand: DOUBLE TIME Awareness

Since last posting, singer/songwriter Steve Grand is currently (at least at the time of this writing) playing his first gig in the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa for the Mince Festival. You better SLAY, Steve.
He among many others in the #GrandFam have reassured me that despite "We Are the Night" not getting the views it deserves, Grand appreciates the support I've given constantly (And look at my Twitter; constant is an understatement.)

Finally over the funk, below are 2 videos; one another BTS vlog, centered around his fan acclaimed gig at the Gramercy Theater in NYC and a promo video with bassackwards t-shirts. For more information on more than just Steve's shirt with them, head on over to 

The only thing I have to say about that video are that "Pillow Talk" CAN sound good when sung out loud and that I'm wanting you to come to San Antonio, Steve. Also, you're a hot person with a soul and that really is more rare than you realize.

LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRE. I now know what it's like to get the VAPORS/VAPUHHS. Support the arts! I mean, buy a shirt if you have money. 10% is going to an LGBT organization or several but buy the shirt. If like me you have no money, share the video so people with money can see it.

Follow Steve on the socials seen here.

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