Thursday, March 31, 2016

Steve Grand: "Look Away" BTS with Eli Lieb Part I

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand makes another entry to his vlogging side hustle. As to what it pertains to, well...let's just say media outlets won't give a shit and that that isn't fair. Enough of that; here's what YouTube's Gay Dad submitted this week...
***It's a 2 part, I'm cool with that. Probably not going to ever see Steve talk about songwriting to reinforce him being a pop artist but BTS videos are actually cool.***

OBSERVATIONS: Even A-Kickstarter-List...ah hell, even ON-A-List-of-Some-Sort celebrities like Steve Grand hate going to work early.

He CAN "Look Away"...from the alarm clock. #SnoozeButtonRealness

- Indeed, we all want attention/fame/sex or anything else that's validating.

- Steve, a ho is someone who gets PAID $$$$ to sleep around. Doing it for free is being a "slut" but a slut is only someone having more sex than you. That's a fact based on nothing, so like an opinion with little basis in reality. The American Dream of thinking, if you will.

- Subtle shade at outrage culture? YAAAAAAAAAAS; oh wait that "annoys" Eli. #YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.

- If you're wondering why the word "breaux" keeps appearing, Steve must've caught wind of the Pappadeaux via Rihanna spelling style of "heaux" = hoes. In his case, "breaux" is after a character in a gym [hell] affectionately called #TruckerGymBreaux that Steve got internet love for by creeping on and getting heartbroken by this son of a bitch.
"So he was dicking around?" Not the way he wanted to, but yes.

- Aw, Steve promotes Eli's music. Watch the video or find an Eli Lieb stan on Twitter. I stan for Steve out of the two.


Fine, Steve inadvertently promotes Eli Lieb's song "Young Love" and Steve provided links in the BTS video. Follow Eli on social media as well.

- The piano reads "Kawai"; add an "i" and we could have "Steve Grand Super Kawaii Piano Happy Wish Show".

- Steve; memes work one of these ways:

1. Schadenfreude + Dumb luck of someone with a camera = MEME

2. Picture of a dated pop culture reference + mundane sentiments meant to be "relatable" = MEME

3. Cat + Internet = MEME

4. Raunchy humor + "hot button"/sensationalized topic in the news or popular culture outlets = MEME

Though at least you know the possibility of that moment being a GIF.

- Oh a Lexus SUV was rented? YAAAAAAAAAS GAWD, you better step that rental game UP hunny. <3 #GrindNowShineLater

New music & maybe that We Are the Night t-shirt contest winner on the horizon (Though by now it's clear or at least very likely that because the video under-performed for no reason, the t-shirt contest was secretly canned. That could come...way later than expected.)

Validate Steve and follow him on social media...

Do the same for Eli by watching the video for his links.

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