Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"We Are the Night" Deserves More Views

UPDATE: Apparently, Instinct did write about "We Are the Night"...4 days after release.


You still suck for jumping on thirst trap content ALMOST IMMEDIATELY but you've been spared further wrath.


So after a little over a week, "We Are the Night" by singer/songwriter Steve Grand has been paid dust by the internet at large or en masse. As I'm writing this, the video sits at 42,611 views which is fucked up for reasons I will divulge later in the post.

But before that, I have something to show Queerty, Towleroad, Gay Star News, BuzzFeed's main, Music and LGBT account along with every non NewNowNext outlet...the music video for "We Are the Night" with the Dave Aude remix as the audio.

So what exactly has my ire directed at all of you at large? Take time out of your March 1st and get to reading...

- This is the 2nd time (!) a video treatment for "We Are the Night" that has gone ignored at large despite most of you non-BuzzFeed sites covering that version.
Back in November of last year, Grand released an acoustic version of "We Are the Night" to celebrate getting over 200,000 Facebook followers and treated this as a secret release. Despite your sites' praise of Grand's vocals here, it didn't translate into views as of this day of writing has 36,370 views...-_-

That was easier to get over than the fact that an official video being teased BACK IN DECEMBER, the remix being revealed as the official video mix IN JANUARY and a release date of February 19th being revealed ONE WEEK BEFORE THE VIDEO WAS RELEASED.
Are his social media activities and YouTube videos not worth your attention if he isn't in a cabin setting getting a snog on with Trevor LaPaglia? That in turn is the next point as to why you media outlets have earned my ire...

- You [internet at large/en masse] had ALL the time during Christmas and New Year's Eve to watch a cover of his and in turn have the influence garner 500,000 views in 6 days, but can't take time out of your February to March to view an official music video...
Returning to LaPaglia, I'm now guessing Grand's videos aren't enough unless you can in turn write a thirst trap content about his co-star...


No T, No Shade to LaPaglia; like my ire at BuzzFeed for only paying Steve mind when Sgt. White asked him to the Marine Corps Ball and not ANYTHING else since "All American Boy" from back in 2013, I'm mad at them. You happen to be part of it, but not the cause.

- BuzzFeed, this yet again is for you because I've sent an e-mail to music writers there and an LGBT vertical contributor and you STILL refuse to cover the very artist I discovered THROUGH. YOU.
To this day, these are the only articles you've ever done over Steve's music AKA THE THING HE'S FAMOUS FOR FIRST.




You can easily cover his music as you essentially made him a thing that's STILL going on, but for unknown reasons have refused to do anything about it.

As to the tweets that caused this fit from me, Instinct and Towleroad, this is all your fault. You failed to cover his music video, but show up right on cue for thirst trap shit...



As to what the most important reason you sons of bitches should be covering this music video is that it's closing out the All American Boy era. Meaning no new musical content online for a LONG while.

That's called proof, and since I've made my case more than loud and clear get to writing an article about the video for "We Are the Night".

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