Friday, April 15, 2016

Steve Grand: BEHIND the Scenes of bassackwards

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand makes another entry, fresh off of a vlogging kick of "Look Away" which has since broken 300,000 views cleanly and instead of being bitter that this isn't "We Are the Night" with this many views, I instead congratulate both Eli Lieb and Grand for having a message resonate with people.
Success matters too, but that has to come "naturally". I'll support Steve at the very least through Twitter to get more attention and maybe the career he deserves.

Also, I've come to accept that like with the acoustic version of "We Are the Night", the cover of "PillowTalk" was supposed to be a little something for the Grand Fam to enjoy. The fact I got retweeted in my near misguided attempt to get it viral shows I just need to chill out.

Let's see what Daddy posted...[please be about songwriting; please be about songwriting; please be about songwriting...]


- Tasteful nudity in conjunction with his bassackwards Merica Pride Edition t-shirt? I'll take it. Damn right I will. : )

- John Lavin returns on camera for his directing of the commercial, so YAY. I could do without Trevor LaPaglia...sorry; I need to pretend to be nice to him. Um, great holding of the camera sir.

- 2:15; tasteful, awkward humping is really the most sophisticated humping.

- ALL T, ALL SHADE what the hell is Trevor being interviewed for? Is his Funny or Die series Beggin' Bros on somebody else's lips? Back to the good stuff...

- Steve pointing out that Trevor is apparently famous enough to be interviewed. This is mostly related to the Twitter and probably Snapchat related fuckery from some months back before we found out that he had a t-shirt with bassackwards.

- OH the interview is for the music video people apparently had time in December to watch. -_- Watch "We Are the Night" too, internet. Sorry, I'm trying to move on but at a snail's pace.

- A Snapchat on Instagram that was on Twitter now on YouTube Six Degrees of Fuckery. META!!!!!!!!

- GET AWAY FROM THE CAMERA, Trevor. This is not your screentime. Groupies not me, to the left. Stay in your lane, clone.

- Another cute video Steve, but talk about songwriting next time. I like it when you're deep. Pun totally intended.

SIDE NOTE: I've been thinking of what other pop songs Steve could cover to show people that 1. He actually has taste and won't just succumb to "Hip to the Hot 100" thinking and 2. He actually is pop. ("Umm, can't Steve pick songs in his range? I know you have a preference for songs that don't suck, but sometimes..." SHUT UP, I KNOW. His covers, his rules but I'd rather him cover Lady Gaga than retched trash that's "popular". Some T, Some Shade, Steve. Still love you to pieces. <3)
That other song that came up is "My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans. Just to maybe challenge him in terms of theatrics/dramatic flair and how he can adapt to that.

Keep up with him on social media...not that he isn't also on Facebook; he's keeping [or his team in turn helped him with] the rule of 3 in terms of platform dominance.

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