Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Steve Grand Is Part of YouTube Music's Foundry Program

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand could finally get the recognition he is so owed after negligent coverage from BuzzFeed, questionable coverage from LGBT media outlets and getting paid near dust on 2 video treatments for "We Are the Night".
He is now part of a YouTube Music initiative known as "Foundry".

It came to the attention of the #GrandFam once the singer announced the partnership on Twitter:

"Excited to partner with @YouTube on their #YouTubeMusic Foundry program!"

Turns out, his first contribution was the acoustic secret release of "We Are the Night" filmed from September to October [Steve's gig being in October] and released in November from last year (And like he and other people on Twitter that follow me, saw again and again and have seen me seethe with rage at any WATN video treatment get paid dust by questionable coverage.)

As to what the "Foundry" program is intended to do, the point of it is that it "...gives artists new tools and guidance on how to successfully grow their presence on the video platform..." (via Billboard)
As to what some of the details are, use this link to Billboard http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7334088/youtube-foundry-initiative-develop-music-talent

This is a step in the right direction for Grand's talent and potential at a mainstream music career getting more recognition. Although, out of the lot, he is probably the most successful artist coming into this, with his debut All American Boy attaining a #3 peak on Billboard's Independent Albums Chart and even getting some mainstream notice with a #47 peak on the Billboard Top 200.

Any questions budding in my head aside, congratulations on being a part of "Foundry", Steve.

Not at all subtle reminder to the rest of the internet; the official music video for "We Are the Night" as remixed by Grammy winning DJ, Dave Aude, is in need of WAY more views.

As of this entry it has 97,462 views. Get it to 100,000 & BEYOND!

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