Monday, April 4, 2016

Steve Grand: "Look Away" BTS with Eli Lieb Part II

Before we delve in to what singer/songwriter Steve Grand captured for his "Gu-vlog", a quick shoutout to the internet for giving "Look Away" over 160,000 views since its March 29th release [at the time of this being drafted, 161,515 views]

Meanwhile, the remix/official "We Are the Night" NEEDS MORE THAN THE STILL UNDER 80,000 VIEWS IT HAS.

The moment of projecting my feelings out loud aside, here's Part II of the BTS of the "Look Away" video.

OBSERVATIONS: Steve, seeking validation isn't "grating" from talented people like you. Think of it like this; you're BuzzFeed by way of Kickstarter famous whereas your dead-eyed co-star Olaf from Frozen is famous for having a song used in an Allstate commercial (It's all about that STATE, Bout that State-Farm insurance...)

- Call the WAHHHHHHHHHHH-mbulance. Steve, you could've been flirting with me in DM on Twitter instead of waiting for Olaf to get a soul or something.

- The 2nd set in the video apparently took place in heaven as that afterlife realness lighting made me think "AND THEN THEY DIED." Douches from Part I are re-introduced and Ill be nice enough to provide you with terms of endearment...

Whore or Whorebag
Lil' Bastard

When you want class but not manners...and to fuck with people and such...

- ALL T, ALL SHADE that buzzcut carrot top dude who can probably use "Farm to Table" in a sentence without thinking he offends people with his douchiness AND that NO LONGER 21 model in the red sweater look better than corpses & that ain't shit.

***Seriously Steve, the worst you do is fish for compliments.

- Porn is subjective...wait; word isn't "fucked up"; it's holesome entertainment.

Oh one more thing...

Instead of leaving with the usual social media validation portion, I'm going to say this again. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR "We Are the Night". Sorry it's not the original, but this is a remix that's actually good and you bitches of the internet at large are delinquent in paying your respects. I DEMAND FULL PAYMENT from you all.
Steve Grand let us know when the video was coming out once details got sorted out and his vlogging was getting into the swing of things again. This video closed out the All American Boy era and we're not getting music content from him solo wise until HE feels it's right for release. GET INTO IT, VIEW IT & SHARE THE GODDAMN VIDEO.

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