Friday, April 22, 2016

Steve Grand: Q&A with the #GrandFam

So "GO ME!", as Steve Grand retweeted the last entry assisting his vlog. <3 Here's to me only perving out over that video in Twitter form...well less than 100 times.
SIDE NOTE: to all media outlets, Grand released a cover of "PillowTalk" that needs attention and support as well. Stop ignoring musical contributions from him.
***SINCE LAST DRAFTING: NewNowNext and Instinct finally mentioned it. Thanks to you two sources for not being negligent with it.

So, Steve "spoiled" what the video was going to be about, via Twitter but it's one of these Q&A videos that can range from good questions like:

"What pop divas inspire you songwriting wise?"

to "popular" shit like "If you could be Daenarys from GoT, how soon would you say yes?"

to questions wondering if he and Eli Lieb or Trevor LaPaglia OR Max Emerson OR any other guy he's been in the same room as are fucking.
SPOILER: Steve's sex life is NONE of our goddamn business. He even said in his SECOND VLOG VIDEO EVER [before that social media break] that he's keeping all boyfriend/love/sex matters 'n such PRIVATE. He's single, but will NOT disclose shit that personal.
Besides, Steve is MINE and I will fight you all for him. : )

OBSERVATIONS: Don't blame anything sugar related for your natural dorkiness. You literally have STEVE-ia in your blood stream; natural sweetness that might kill others because they're not used to it.

- Steve, honey...regret like shame is for quitters.

- As long as we don't remember Britney Jean, ain't a damn thing wrong with listening to some Britney Spears.

- Talents of Steve Grand apart from singing and playing the piano include but aren't limited to:

Being attractive but having a soul too

Making "Dad jokes" at 26 years of age

Giving a video heaux/Trevor some relevance

Making a t-shirt in every color sexy as fuck

Validating others as he would have others validate him

- Self-awareness is a plus, but hon...guys like me can organize [when I want to] too. Seriously, it was nice hearing you talk about female influences in your life like how your manager gets your shit together. <3

- Keep that big mouth open...because your teeth are gorgeous. XD

- The editing of this video with ANYONE else would look hella unorganized but considering Steve is as jumpy as the editing...editing imitates life. <3

- 74 notifications? That's like what; casual every 30 minutes for you?

- OH MY GAGA, you're like soooooooooooooo hardcore for being in your mid 20s and going off of whims...

- Ignoring the fact he had to look up Chris Evans on Google [hey, I crush on him as well] and his "basic" self admitting a Hemsworth is attractive (though Steve, you get credit for perving out over anything "rough" and "hot". : D) this video was cute.

ALSO: Turns out that We Are the Night t-shirt contest WASN'T canned; as Grand confirmed on Twitter to a fan, "...there is a winner. The shirts are made and in my basement. Will announce soon :D"
Musician time will have this TBA but at least something WATN wasn't canned. <3

Until next vlog, keep up with him on 1 of these 3 forms of social media he plugs!

People with money, buy his cover of "PillowTalk" on Bandcamp with this link

People without money like me, share it on social media platforms of YOUR choosing (In my case, Twitter which people should know by now that I've been plugging the cover near non-stop since its release.)

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