Friday, April 22, 2016

Steve Grand WILL Perform in Charlotte, NC Because He's an Activist

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand will indeed be performing in Charlotte, North Carolina. North Carolina is in the media for its passing of HB2 which prohibits trans individuals from using the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity and instead places them in potential danger.
Grand now joins music acts like Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper using a North Carolina stage to speak out FOR LGBT rights as keep in mind he along with most of the #GrandFam are LGBT.
He took to Facebook to explain himself in full.

In case the text is too choppy in photos, here's the full text:

"I am going through with the commitments I made months ago to (and to perform with) The Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte in North Carolina tomorrow. Here’s why:
When HB2 passed, and artists like Bruce Springsteen started canceling their North Carolina concert dates in protest of the bill, I was thrilled to see such giant music icons drawing attention to an injustice that should make us all angry.
It’s easy for a bill like this one to slip past the minds of many Americans unchallenged, simply because it is a law that doesn’t DIRECTLY impact the everyday lives of most Americans.
When someone as famous, influential, and respected by mainstream America as Bruce Springsteen refuses to play in a State, it forces people to talk about it, and confront their conscience about what the bill means for such an already marginalized minority.
However, in my case, at the level I am at in my career, as an openly gay artist, with a mostly LGBTQ+ fan base, pulling out of this show would only have a negative impact on the Gay Men’s Chorus and it’s audience -a group of men who volunteer much of their valuable time and talents, attend rehearsals twice a week, do community outreach, benefit programs, etc.. all in the name of helping society to move forward and see and respects ints LGBTQ+ citizens as equals, deserving of love, respect, and dignity.
It would be great if we could acknowledge and even respect that there are different ways of combatting injustice, but I don’t expect everyone to agree with my decision as the “right” course of action.
I’ve actively spoke out for trans and non-binary people countless times since the beginning of my journey. I’ve involved myself with and contributed to programs that aim to benefit trans folks. It’s an issue that is close to my heart.
My heart is with them on this, and after much thought and reflection it was clear to me (both in heart and mind) that this was the right thing to do in this situation.
- Steve"

I would also like to point out/remind others of the fact that he's played countries like Latvia and Lithuania both of which have shaky at best LGBT rights AND he played South Africa, the friendliest African nation to LGBT people and he was STILL at risk for his safety in all 3 nations.
Check his Instagram and Tumblr for his Spirit Day AND Austrian contribution to the It Gets Better movement.

The point is that Steve is active in LGBT rights just like one of his idols, Lady Gaga who infamously said "I'm gay, arrest me" in Russia. Steve is performing in North Carolina because he's an activist when not just winning over new fans every other tour stop.

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