Monday, May 16, 2016


I knew at some point I would be celebrating 3 years of this blog existing. Then I looked at my 1st ever posts and realized that the 3 year anniversary was yesterday. I couldn't celebrate it then as I just graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications (Which certainly explains a lot of the blog.)

The blog features album reviews, song reviews, my 3 act story and has essentially become a stan blog [with depth] for singer/songwriter Steve Grand. HE is essentially the reason I still kept the blog up after recapping The Voice was no longer worth the suffering that came with seeing the wrong person win or advance EVERY. SEASON.

My biggest hits with Steve [in no particular order]: [got a retweet from him] [got a retweet from him]
He actually saw this and essentially told me that he appreciates the support I have for this [and also more or less told me to not get so worked up over people not supporting it like they should have]
Saw this and asked if I really did hate that yarn monstrosity he wore (Yes Steve, I still hate that hideous yarn monstrosity) and told me "Your sass gives me life".
If memory serves me right, he retweeted this BUT the bigger thing was that I learned he actually did read things like this which to this day shocked the hell out of me. He thanked me a lot for showing support in a really difficult time and looking past needless criticism of him.

The greatest hit with Steve? When he shared my review of his album All American Boy on his Facebook page.

This is, in all seriousness, one of the highlights of my life. I never expected him to have read it let alone share it with his followers on Facebook.

There are other notable mentions here: singer/songwriter Cody Belew from The Voice actually read and liked my reviews of his albums Paradise and What You're Looking For. Shit, that might actually be it; however, I still can't believe that a blog I started just to write about whatever the hell I want has lasted 3 years.
Thank you to every and all maybe 3-6 Twitter followers of mine for sharing the shit I did for as long as I relentlessly tweeted you to do.

This isn't a ploy to say I'm no longer blogging. As long as Steve Grand makes vlogs, as long as I feel the need to comment on music I can actually muster a fuck to give, etc. I WILL BLOG.
All I'm actually considering is a name change. Not sure as to what, but it's something that's crossed my mind. Until you see changes, I'm here to say "I'VE BLOGGED FOR 3 YEARS. HUZZAH!"

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