Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Look Away" Reaches 500,000 Views

No one really could "Look Away" from the Steve Grand and Eli Lieb* collaboration as it now has amassed over 500,000 views since its March 29th release.
*FINE; the Eli Lieb & Steve Grand collaboration as the video is on Lieb's channel...

*INTERMISSION: 5 Lines with Steve and Eli*

"Goddamnit David, I know I'm first to you but be a little less psycho about who gets star billing."

"LOL, who's that nutcase again?"

"Shut up Eli, he'll call you Olaf from Frozen again."

"LMAO that's the best he can do?"

"Without hurting your feelings dude. He could easily say you have more disturbing crow's feet than that one scene from Dumbo."

I'll LOOK AWAY as you apply Aloe Vera to that BURN.

That aside, this is actually something worth congratulating the singers/songwriters and their fanbases the #GrandFam and the...#LiebTeam [I guess] for sharing the video on social media platforms to make this happen.
In a way there's also credit to give to French blogger, Gay Music Chart [who I assume is doing this for fun as they see fit] as the collaboration along with the "We Are the Night" remix has been well received on that site (And not just because I vote for "We Are the Night" repeatedly.)

In short, congratulations are in order for Lieb and Grand for having a viral hit to their names. On a related note with reduced passive-aggressive tone, view and share both Steve's videos for "We Are the Night" and his cover of "PillowTalk".

"We ALL know you're out there, viewers. We want you too."

"At least you got to over 110,000 views. They all had time March 29th to view a video but not an April 7th to view me...I JUST broke 22,000 but that's none of my business though..."

"GURL, I was a 'secret release'/THNX 4 200K LIKES ON FACEBOOK release back in 2015 and any view hopes were dashed FRIDAY THE 13TH that year. I'm now out as a YouTubeMusic Foundry release and JUST broke past 41,000."

NOTE to Steve: I'm having fun with this. I'm actually happy for your shared success. Keep up the good work, DO A SONGWRITING VLOG & tell me who I need to contact to get you to perform in San Antonio!

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