Sunday, May 1, 2016

Steve Grand: "Allergic to Cuntiness"

***NOTE: I was out of town for the dumbest reason but this entry was going to be short anyway considering it wasn't THAT deep. Cute but not that deep. Kind of like Trevor LaPaglia.

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand adds to his vlogging kick. Let's find out what daddy felt like "rambling" about today...[please be about songwriting, please be about songwriting or at the very least some BTS about music or not simply more thirst trap content...]

OBSERVATIONS: OH MY GAGA, STEVE. What will it take for you to do a video over songwriting [mainly to shut people up and have them NOT call you "country" anymore]? If it requires sex, get to San Antonio and I shall do my best in attempting the duty of pleasing that booty.

- STEVE GRAND IS A SARCASTIC MAN. He honestly does not care only about looks. An interview with a Hilton employee (or something) or his 3RD VLOG VIDEO EVARRRRRRR reveals confidence [NOT arrogance] is his biggest turn on.
He likes hot guys but men like men they consider hot and worthy of really filthy sex.

- "Allergic to cuntiness." - Steve Grand; one eloquent son of a bitch.

Validate him on social media with 1 of the big 3...

Share his cover of "PillowTalk" if like me, you have no money but know how tweet a YouTube link...

If you have money, buy it from bandcamp using this link

LAST but nowhere near least, share his music video for "We Are the Night" as remixed by Dave Aude or stream it on Spotify [iTunes people, you can buy it there too.]

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