Monday, May 23, 2016

Steve Grand Videos That Need More Views

As I've passive-aggressively done in other posts, I'm demanding payment from you delinquent en masse bitches who refuse to pay in anything but near dust. This time, I'll have to spell out certain demands that I want from you at large.
As to what this pertains to, it involves both the cover of "PillowTalk" and the YouTubeMusic Foundry debut of out Singer/Songwriter, Steve Grand.

First up, the April 7th, 2016 released cover of that infernal ZAYN song known as "PillowTalk".

- Current View Count: 22,096
- GOAL I DEMAND: 25,000 minimum
This low view count is simply inexcusable considering the #GrandFam history of taking "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to 500,000 views in 6. DAYS. IN DECEMBER. It is a cover, but it's not like this is the first cover he's released ["Bennie and the Jets" got a cover treatment/official audio the same day "Time" was released as a single.]
Give this video love as Grand proves he can take a lump of coal quality track like "PillowTalk" and make a VVS diamond out of it (Flawless quality cannot be achieved due to the simple fact that "PillowTalk" in its original form is still utter, mumbled trash.) Shit-talking aside, give Steve some YouTube love and share this enough until it breaks through the goal I demand.

Although if unlike me, you have money, you can buy the track on bandcamp [remember, iTunes sucks with impromptu covers]

Now, it's the November 12, 2015 secret release turned April 26, 2016 YouTube Music Foundry debut of "We Are the Night".

- Current View Count: 41,883
- GOAL I DEMAND: 50,000 minimum
I'm not sure why the hell it happened upon initial release, but despite media outlets covering and mentioning the acoustic rendition of "We Are the Night", the video got the worst case of luck Friday the 13th that year. It could barely crack 20,000 if I remember it correctly & only recently made it past 40,000.
Still, this version of the song deserves attention but not just because Grand gives his most dynamic vocals on the song that ended up closing out the All American Boy era [with the remix, but same difference]. This marked a debut in a brand new initiative launched by YouTube that could be a key difference in his career being noticed by someone mainstream.

You've been given your demands, internet. Meet them, or I keep tweeting near INCESSANTLY until you oblige. : )

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