Sunday, May 1, 2016

"We Are the Night" FINALLY Breaks 100,000 Views

UPDATE: I just realized this marks my 300th blog post! Another reason to enjoy this moment!

It took over 2 months to do it [what with it getting paid dust by pert near every goddamn LGBT media outlet not named NewNowNext] but it happened April 30th, 2016 at around 3:42 P.M. [when I was out of town for more or less, a dumb as fuck reason and I noticed it on my phone.]

The 2nd/official video for "We Are the Night" by singer/songwriter Steve Grand BROKE the 100,000 VIEWS mark and has since amassed 101,324 views since initial breaking.

Now be that this is a joyous occasion, make no mistake; I am still saltier than McDonald's french fries that it took TWO. MONTHS. PLUS. for his video to break 100,000 views considering you sons of bitches of the internet had ALLLLLLL the time in December to make "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a viral hit of 500,000 views plus IN SIX. FUCKING. DAYS.

I'm implementing a new rule: I will relentlessly tweet and promote the video until it gets to a VERY comfortable view count. FUCK your gravitation to "thirst trap"/cheap content. If you look at him, you will listen to him AND SHARE HIS GODDAMN MUSIC VIDEOS AS HE IS A SINGER/SONGWRITER FIRST.

All of this is me saying "NO MORE WARNINGS"; you bitches are delinquent AND I WILL have full payment; RING THE ALARM*

*Most of it not all of the rant seen here is more than likely a play on the near psychotic, jealous rage of the author of this blog. Please at least take the time to listen to Mr. Grand's music as to not have the author of this blog unleash hell on you all through near incessant tweeting and such as he will pull up the receipts to prove it...*

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