Saturday, June 4, 2016

Apparently I Asked For Too Much

I believe it was Beyoncé who both said "Ring the alarm! I've been through this too long!" and "DON'T HURT YOURSELF". Well, that type of near psychotic rage shall apply to this post where I skull-drag you ALL for apparently not making time to give TWO videos more views.

See, I didn't think a view goal of 25,000 for a version of "PillowTalk" that didn't suck that had been painstakingly gaining views in the 5 digits since its April 7th release by singer/songwriter Steve Grand.
May 23rd, the video had 22,096 views. As of now on June 4th when this is posted, the video has...22,721 views. Over a week passed and the best that could be done was 625 more views? April 7th to May 7th is one month and in 3 days May 7th to June 7th will be two months. None of you had anywhere from April 7th to now to share a cover that's unique and showed off Grand's range?

I maybe thought all the views were going to the Secret Release in 2015 turned YouTube Music Foundry debut. It was the first video treatment "We Are the Night" got before the rest of you FINALLY got around to sharing the official video mix and getting it to over 100,000 views [and it's nearing 120,000 views...probably not due to any of you motherfuckers.]
The Foundry debut had 41,883 views since May 23rd [having been newly branded a "Foundry" debut on April 26th]...and on June 4th it has 42,750 views. Over a week passes by and the best that could be mustered up is 867 views.

Apparently I asked for too much especially with "We Are the Night" for reasons that must've made you all Look Away from the video...

NONE OF YOU had the decency to make time out of your apparently BUSY schedules to maybe tweet the videos again or at least try to share it on social media at large. It takes less time than a stupid joke about GEICO CAR INSURANCE to have tried and beefed up the view count for these videos.

I don't give a remote-controlled fuck what any of you internet/en masse bitches at large have to say about why these videos weren't able to occupy any space in your shallow, vacuous, thirst trap consuming minds. Yes, I have made blog assists to help get Steve's videos out there. However, I have ALWAYS tweeted more about the music related entries and not when he panders to those who "demand" thirst trap shit.

Why do I take it upon myself to tweet these music contributions he makes? No other site, LGBT outlet or mainstream friendly like BuzzFeed gives a shit enough to focus on his music. I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERS HIS MUSIC TOO as far as any "blogger" is concerned.
I feel personally disrespected by the lot of you I don't know and quite frankly, I might not want to know if you insist that his "fun" vlogging or video posts is just as important as the music. His music is still called "country", the only person at NewNowNext who kept up with Steve is no longer working there, BuzzFeed hasn't given a shit about his music in what will be 3 years in July and again...


I have had it with the disrespect, as I have learned the hard way that I apparently asked too much from the same fickle crowd that once gave him over 500,000 views in SIX. DAYS. IN DECEMBER. 25,000 views minimum was too much to ask for another cover with about the same run time as his rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and is also a bandcamp exclusive. 50,000 views minimum was too much to ask for a thank you of a song that at least Kickstarter GrandFam and casual GrandFam before me INSISTED BE ON All American Boy turned DEBUT OF STEVE GRAND BEING PART OF A NEW YOUTUBE INITIATIVE.

Since a good majority if not all of you will probably ignore this too, I bear no qualms in typing the following; here's the two videos again since you forgot what the hell these were and FUCK THE 18 GENERATIONS OF EACH OF YOUR ANCESTORS THAT ENDED UP SPAWNING YOU ALL. *mic drop*

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