Monday, June 20, 2016

"Look Away" Breaks 600,000 Views

File this under "Moments When a Song Title Becomes Ironic" as the Eli Lieb & Steve Grand collaboration "Look Away" has broken past 600,000 views since its March 29th release. In other words, the video has reached this mark in under THREE MONTHS. That's a little more than 200,000 views a month and that's a big deal (It's also a big deal considering it's math I can actually do.)

I can't be mad at the success of this. I've already been pissed off in several other blog posts, but at least there's this silver lining. Lieb never had to make this a collaboration but for reasons short of divinity, he and Grand linked up and made this happen.
It's a breakup song and that rarely ever fails to turn heads & its video was inspired through an actual breakup Lieb had. Pain is art and people responded positively to this as it resonated with them or "touched them."

"We Are the Night" should've had this many views but considering the ugly truth that "the world works in mysterious ways", it's a collaboration that garnered attention and there's nothing wrong with that. 2 is better than 1 and this is another case of it; congratulations to Lieb & Grand for attaining another viral milestone in their careers.

"STEVE; DUDE...your fan was less passive-aggressive than normal! He's actually getting over himself in some regard!"


[OFFICIAL PRINT SCREEN PROOF of its success taken by me.]

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