Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW MUSIC ALERTS: Steve Grand Releases Acoustic Version of "Soakin' Wet" & Covers "Sorry"

So like my last post JUST revealed, singer/songwriter Steve Grand has A BRAND NEW acoustic rendition of a song and a new cover available at more than just bandcamp [Spotify now too.]
The acoustic song is a rendition of his song "Soakin' Wet" which interestingly enough he's referred to as "vacuous" [although that really isn't the case; innocuous is a better word for the song.] Also, this is a song #GrandFam and casual fans alike wanted or "insisted" be released as a summer single to create buzz.

Also, as I warned you some posts ago, it's not "Sorry" by Madonna but rather "Sorry" by He Who Inspired Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

Yes, singer/songwriter Steve Grand will once again try to take a LUMP OF COAL of a song in the hopes of turning it into a diamond. However, I admit when I was prepping the acoustic "Soakin' Wet" post...I looked at his Bandcamp and saw that the "Sorry" cover was up and said "releases June 17, 2016"...
I didn't listen to it out of respect because it was not properly released at the time of drafting almost 2 days ago.

Here's my thoughts on the acoustic rendition of "Soakin' Wet" AND the cover of "Sorry"...

"Soakin' Wet": His piano playing is always quite pleasing, but his singing while great has some breath issues. Not sure if it's STILL from the pneumonia episode from earlier in the year, but it could be minor griping as he does show off his range.
His money notes at the end are indicative that he still has disciplined vocals, but the breath issues are almost and I do mean almost detracting from the overall grip a listener could have.

"Sorry": F- for song choice. I love you to bits Steve, but from this point on, I pick the songs you cover. Not to mention, in live concert video, the song doesn't suit you AT. ALL. No T, No Shade but you don't have to cover songs that are "popular" or "relevant" to look hip to the Hot 100. Your covers, your rules, I KNOW.
All that was in my head before I gave this cover a verdict?

Emotive depth can't make up for the fact that this song sucks for Grand's singing voice. The piano arrangement is fantastic but the verses do NOTHING for that gorgeous voice of his. The chorus allows some but very minimal wiggle room for his range. Is it too late to say you're sorry? Sadly yes; you picked a bad song and it did nothing for your voice and I will not spare you just because I'm a huge fan.

"I don't mind the criticism but Y U HATE MY COVER?!"
-Steve Grand if he reads this...

They're not exclusives this time, but head to if you have money to support my fave in some capacity.

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AND to find out if he's in your neck of the woods yet, head to or as he'd tell you to, get the Bandsintown app for tickets and more info.

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