Monday, June 6, 2016

Pittsburgh Concert Reveals Steve Grand's Next Move

While performing in Pittsburgh, singer/songwriter Steve Grand revealed that he does intend to release another cover like he did with "PillowTalk".

You know, that video you all were supposed to view and share as to show respect for his music but didn't quite do...

Well, the next song he might cover...

[Credit to Allvin44 on YouTube for the footage.]

"Sorry" Justin Bieber... -_- GIMME MY POCKETBOOK I'M LEAVING Well, he was able to prove me wrong by making "PillowTalk" listenable but as the video shows..."Sorry" does nothing for his singing voice and the lyrics don't resonate enough for him to remember.
However, the concert footage does show he's still got that crass humor that makes him lovable. In other news, as he's said on Twitter, the reason he'd been "quiet" is that he had been focused on new material. The only new confirmed song title as revealed in the Asbury Park BTS video is "Don't Let the Light In" [I'm thinking "Gold Rush" is either a new song or a cover of a song by some artist I don't know or care for.]

Want to keep up with Steve & hope you're lucky enough to see him in person? He's easing back into social media, so follow him on one of the big 3 he pimps:

For tour dates head to the tour section of his website using this link:

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