Sunday, June 19, 2016

Steve Grand Shouldn't Be THAT "Sorry"

So, singer/songwriter/LGBT activist and hot dork Steve Grand did indeed release a video...for his cover of "Sorry". The wrong one by Justin Bieber and not Madonna that I still think squandered his range [though I give him credit for putting a layer of emotive depth that could resonate with fans.]

Even though I hate this song and how it doesn't quite work for Grand, I am still going to do that thing he does at the end and promote this anyway.
As with his other covers, you can head to as one option to buy for download and it's actually available on iTunes and Spotify [as mentioned in my review of the cover earlier...]

Keep to the ground as Grand says a new single [probably the single teased in his last vlog, "Don't Let the Light In"] is coming "very, very soon" ["musician time" jokes be damned] by following one of the 3 big socials he pimps...

To find out if he's coming to your neck of the woods or if you think you can see him near you, head to or as he'd tell you to do, get the Bandsintown app for tickets and more info.
[SIDE NOTE: Where the hell is that "Soakin' Wet" acoustic video? I'll promote the shit out of that!]

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