Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Max Emerson's Boyfriend Stans Steve Grand

In something of a twist I'll be writing and shading a road trip video of Underpants Model, LGBT homeless youth advocate and in turn creator of the soon to be post production Hooked Project, YouTube enthusiast and attractive spaz Max Emerson.

In this video via a sponsorship by Cricket Wireless, Max treats his boo-thang Andres to a road trip from Chicago to Detroit [when Motor City Pride was happening at the time of filming] to see Andres' favorite singer/songwriter, Steve Grand. STAY IN YOUR LANE, CLONE*.

*Clone (n.)(s.) [as I understand it] - 1. A term used by one member of a fandom used to describe another member of a fandom as being "some brand new bitch up in here, acting fresh like laundry." 2. Usually meant as a slight to someone in terms of devotion or appreciation of the celebrity figure for whom both parties happen to fan out over.

OBSERVATIONS: If Andres knew what was good for him, he'd count his fucking blessings knowing he has sex with a GODDAMN MODEL (As in not some liar on Instagram but an actual model) who is literate like Max Emerson.

- Max somehow knows that dreams can come true without the help of Penthouse Forum.

- Andres' presentation sounds about as interesting as Georgia-Pacific drywall looks.

- THUMBS UP...TSA humor is apparently still a thing, but as the great Celebrity Deathmatch star Mills Lane says, "I'll allow it."

- SEE? I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO PLAYS UP JEALOUS RAGE. Sorry, I'm projecting; also a flight landing late in Chicago just means that it's another weekday at O'Hare International.

-_- Andres, you pack of TRIED-IT Layers. Naming a cat after your favorite artist? You might as well be like that Subway commercial and name your firstborn "Avocado".

- My guess is that it was "Back to California" that made Max's head want to explode after hearing it 6 going on 7 times. I don't blame Max. Steve does have better material than that song. Either BTC or maybe it was "Look Away", which if that's the case take your rage with Eli Lieb and not Steve.

-_- Max...I was about #FourFiveSeconds from beating you with words, but you corrected yourself by not calling Steve Grand this frame.

- Max is most likely basing the "Cat-nip for Dudes in the Military" comment about Sgt. Tanner White's Marine Corps Ball PROM-Posal Extravaganza. That and Andres served in the military for a hot minute.

- A SUSPENDERS from Disbelief Moment as Steve mounts Andres...goddamnit; word choice. Max's successful coordination with Steve and co. works to create a "surprise" moment of Steve appearing before Andres.

- "Your favorite country artist..." RING THE ALARM, Max did not just desecrate Steve like that...[note for the LGBT outlets out there, this is for you since research is not a priority of yours.]

"I'm so sick of this; I'M NOT. COUNTRY."
- Steve Grand

- Andres tries to be funny; it's somewhat effective as base sarcasm works for Type A personalities.

- Speaking of signed 8X10 photographs, head to to buy t-shirts, CD & Vinyl units of All American Boy signed or not, posters and...signed 8X10 photographs. That's *RuPaul wink*

- "BITCH, STOP YO' CRYIN'. THE REAL WORLD IS GONNA EAT YOU ALIVE!" What? I like the Stevie Ryan character Katrina. It's a quote; goddamnit.

See? I can blog assist someone else besides Steve...if he gets some appearance in it without it being a commercial for the hookup app SURGE [hey DaveyWavey, get that partnership coin.] AND I didn't assume Max got the best professional of his life from his boyfriend...never mind. Blog assist is over.
Validate Max by following him on social media...@TheMaxisms on Twitter and figure everything else out from there!

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