Monday, July 4, 2016

Steve Grand 3 Years Later & What to Expect

Happy 4th of July & sorry this isn't actually ON THE 3 YEAR MARK OF HIS CAREER [I made up for some fuckery I was not in control of by marking this occasion on Twitter.]

Singer/songwriter & All-American Homo (Well "All American 'Mo" on Twitter as to fit his business contacts in. #GrindNowShineLater) Steve Grand celebrated the 3 year mark of his debut song/video "All-American Boy" [July 2, 2013] and in turn the first and last time BuzzFeed attempted to give a shit about his music [July 3rd, 2013].

Instead of OBSERVATIONS like any other Gu-vlog entry, I'm going to list some things to look forward to IN DUE TIME with Grand's intents.

IN DUE TIME: Tour dates extending into September with that month having a show in Nags Head, NC marking his 2nd NC show he will play as result of him being an openly gay artist AND activist.

- 1 vlog entry either once every week or every other week seeing that his touring schedule is getting busier. This is actually a good thing seeing that touring is the reason he can function as a non-major label artist.

- Impromptu cover(s) released with his Bandcamp,, being his preferred venue for those with money to buy and support. Spotify may come later as he sees fit and iTunes seems to suck less with his impromptu covers.

- New original singles to be released as Grand sees fit with ONE confirmed title of "Don't Let the Light In".

- A sophomore effort that described in PrideSource in March was to be "grittier"/"darker"/"edgier" than his debut.

- Photoshop fuckery from the #GrandFam and believe me will THAT keep happening.

Thanks for the sweet words Steve. I miss your rambling but you take the good, you take the bad and there you have...a theme song.

To start validating Grand, subscribe to his YouTube channel or at least like and/or share his videos. Social media wise, keep to the ground on any of the big 3 he promotes:

To find out if he's coming to your neck of the woods or if you think you can see him near you, head to or as he'd tell you to do, get the Bandsintown app for tickets and more info.

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