Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Subtle sense of sarcasm" on Steve Grand's Next Album

Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand got some love and apparently an on the sly interview with The Huffington Post. The post was pretty much THP giving the 3 Year of "All-American Boy"/Steve's career thus far vlog some promo, mentioning the AT&T Live Proud campaign and even mentioning his latest July exclusive t-shirt profits going to Orlando/Pulse Nightclub survivors and family affected by the shooting.

Here's what to note from the article itself:

- They did touch upon the needless criticism Grand received back in March for an out of context statement made to PrideSource in an interview. Grand did admit that what he said never really came through as he intended, which is better in the long run. I saw nothing wrong and still think the criticism he got was fucking stupid. Everyone's biased; I'm one of the few to admit it.

- It's not really a new album brief, but the "subtle sense of sarcasm" description of the upcoming sophomore effort is symbolic in its own right. Between the "dark, edgy, gritty" brief from the Billboard interview last year and this description, I'm now convinced that "edgy" thing was a front.

In this context, it seemed like Grand was only using "dark, edgy, gritty" as a way of still getting the anger he harbored for LGBT outlets like Queerty, Towleroad, trolls on Twitter, etc. for acting like he's wrong for wanting EQUAL coverage on music & "Speedo pictures".

Still, once singles from this upcoming effort are released [well after 400 takes of each song are done & HE'S happy with them] the sure sign of the album's direction will be confirmed if we find out anything about that "righteous anger at the church" song.

- Light-hearted note, some of the photoshop fuckery Steve initiated is getting some attention. I myself contributed many entries and 2 of mine made his Instagram...the Madonna one getting mentioned in this article.

Thanks to The Huffington Post for giving him some better press. [Again, everyone's biased; I'm one of the few to admit it.]

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