Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Steve Grand is FINALLY "Soakin' Wet" for The Public

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand released an acoustic cover of "Soakin' Wet"...about a month ago but it was not yet made available for proper public consumption [I plug shamelessly but not when it's private].

NOW the video has been shared publicly and I can now finally begin proper plugging and add another post to this blog of mine. Judge me all you want, but I do a better job of it. As I've mentioned on Twitter, this is Spotify available but as his description box mentions, it's available on Bandcamp and iTunes. $upport my fave please.

OBSERVATIONS: "Soakin' Wet" by Grand's own admission at Cleveland Pride 2015 is his most "vacuous" song. Honey, Gaga has "Summerboy" to her name and people still like that. It's the good type of vacuous called innocuous.
It's not like it's vacuous like all but 2 Katy Perry songs in her career or that trash known as Carly Rae Jepsen's music in general. #E*MO*SHUNNED #RunAwayFromThisAlbum

- PROJECTION! AFFECTATIONS! Slight breath issues BUT NONE THAT DISTRACT! Other faves could never and would fail miserably if they tried.

- I admit to being distracted by the glossy red keyboard and giant drum [not sure what it is, but I know it's not a bongo or a timpani] along with that blue flannel number on the chair.
Set dressing matters, but this actually works. Also this is before he started work on his own personal recording booth [which explains his spotty presence on the socials he plugs; he's busy.]

- This light gray t-shirt and sweatpants number? I can deal with this over that yarn monstrosity from his "Boys that Drive Me WILD" vlog. Sweatpants that sort of look like pleated khaki shorts don't do A DAMN THING for me but yarn monstrosities are way worse.

- The facial expressions made when Grand is reaching a high note or giving his all...#GodBlessThePrintScreenButton

Adding to the shameless plugging, if you want to see this man in person [convince him to come to San Antonio why don't you] check out his tour info at or as he'd say, get the Bandsintown app for tickets and more info.

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