Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SOUNDCHECK: "The Cost of Living" Soundtrack

Here's the track listing/"soundtrack" to my three act story, The Cost of Living. All songs will be specified as to how they intertwine with the story.

1. "Same Ol' Mistakes" - Rihanna [the theme of Core Nightclub]
2. "Not Above That" - DAWN [Muscleman's theme]
3. "Soap" - Melanie Martinez [Scorpio's theme]
4. "Lil' Star" - Kelis ft. Cee-Lo [Catherine's theme]
5. "We Found Love" - Calvin Harris X Rihanna [Hi-NRG's theme]
6. "Kids" - Kelis {scrapped track from her album Flesh Tone} [Dave's theme]
7. "Come Into My World" - Kylie Minogue [Blondie's theme]
8. "All In a Day's Work" - Danity Kane [Ranger's theme]
9. "American Life (American Dream remix ft. Missy Elliott)" - Madonna [Jamie's theme]
10. "Run to the Sun" - N*E*R*D {the 2001 version} [Alejandro's theme]
11. "S&M" - Rihanna ["Pop Goes the Playlist"]
12. "You're Not the One" - Sky Ferreira ["Rock Hard...Drinks Night"]
13. "Boom Boom" - Rye Rye ["Joystick Night"]
14. "Do It 4 U" - Machinedrum ft. DAWN [the theme of Sky Nightclub]
15. "Red Lips" - Sky Ferreira [Travis' theme]
16. "We Are the Night" {Dave Aude remix} - Steve Grand [ending theme/credits]

GENERAL SOUNDTRACK [Can be played when applicable]
1. "How Many Times, How Many Lies" - Pussycat Dolls
2. "Cali Sun" - DAWN
3. "So Complicated" - Noisettes
4. "Fool For You" - Zayn
5. "Everything is Embarrassing" - Sky Ferreira
6. "The Bird" - Anderson .Paak
7. "Lapdance" - N*E*R*D ft. Vita and Lee Harvey [2001 version]
8. "6 Inch" - Beyonce ft. The Weeknd
9. "Sexodus" - M.I.A.

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