Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Steve Grand & His Friend's "Cross-Eyed Bear"

In getting his content hustle up to sporadic, singer/songwriter Steve Grand has released another promo video (At Facebook length, mind you) for an upcoming gig. You know what that means...OBSERVATIONS after the video...


- The main point of this gig is that singer/songwriter, Tom Goss is opening for him. No T, No Shade but I remember him mainly for WoW Presents' YouTube channel featuring him in a short lived segment. Something about singing tweets.

- Also, a song of Tom's called "Bears" is a personal anthem for Steve. He happens to love bears...probably muscled out gym rats with "body hair" 😒...but maybe cubs like me can hold out hope. 🐻

- "I know I come visit a lot, but I don't often perform for you guys"; as his fans on Twitter and the other ones have seen, we can confirm this. Los Angeles is a second home for Steve as he's recorded there, visited Halloweenie repeatedly [think of Halloweenie as where slutty Halloween costumes go to be charitable 💖], spends time at the Halloweenie creator's house a lot 🤔 where the Speedo-meme was born...

...and also where he filmed his YouTube Music Foundry/"THNX for the Facebook likes" video for "We are the Night"...

Oh look, the video is featured. I told you I'm not like the outlets.

Again, if YOU'RE lucky enough to see him, validate my favorite MUSIC WISE BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Also, brag about it and be grateful.

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