Friday, December 23, 2016

Steve Grand's Priority MALE Express

Singer/songwriter/hot dork Steve Grand is making shipping and handling a family affair. You know the rules, after the video will be some observations

OBSERVATIONS: So, about the calendar; it sold out in less than 24 hours and that means one thing: the fanbase is shallow as fuck. The minute a calendar comes out, it's swooped up almost instantaneously but his DAVE AUDE REMIX OF "We Are the Night" GETS PAID DUST. 😒

Still available on Spotify, iTunes, etc.
*Remix not available on any physical release of All-American Boy

- Histrionics aside, it technically means that the calendar sales thus far are helping him setup funds to record potential new songs, covers and upgrade equipment in the near future. That and for the perpetual thirst-buckets, there is another calendar in the works.

- To get or remind yourself how orders are usually shipped out [shipped by or before Christmas? Gurl...good luck. #PriorityMailExpress] here's him fulfilling non-perverted orders:

If you have $ and want to help him out with sales, it's

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