Monday, January 2, 2017

What Makes Steve Grand "Clique"

In a recent feature in OutClique Magazine [] singer/songwriter Steve Grand opened up on 1 year of sobriety, music plans and even shared something personal to which I'm redirecting you to the magazine for that. This post will merely respond/comment on some of the answers given.

When asked about his 2016:

Essentially the entire first answer is that despite obvious pitfalls of 2016, he was booked. He was fulfilling online orders and being less in the spotlight though he notes "Obviously, not completely, because I need to do my shows and some work, but I feel like it really has been a year where some things really clicked in me. I have been able to be more productive and happy with my productivity than ever before."

Abridged version: All work, some play makes Grand happy.

When asked about his public announcement regarding his sobriety:

"I didn't really want this article to be about all of that, because I want to stick with it more before I make a thing of it. But what I will say, is that it has definitely been a very important decision to me."

Not for nothing, but considering it's a major change in your life and a change that might spur someone to seek sobriety for themselves [and you went public with it on your own] talking about it is sort of a thing. Of course being this is probably the first [and most likely only] interview you're discussing it, everything is up to you.

On similarities between him and "Look Away" collaborater Eli Lieb and a near "pitting against each other" story:

"In 2013 we both released songs and music videos that a lot of people saw similarities between because they both portrayed same sex love stories. And, both came out around the fourth of July."

Not like BuzzFeed mentioned Eli as well, but continue...

"I even had a few interviews in which the interviewer would sort of try to pit him or pit me against each other, which the media sometimes tries to do. But we never really fell into that."

Never suspected the pitting artists thing could apply to independent/non-major label artists, but apparently it can.

When asked about musical influences:

He really doesn't answer this question apart from mentioning The Beatles [Which WOW, I'm floored; a musician inspired by The Beatles, how unique.] His influences come and go with the wind but know he's the type that listened to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga, Neil Young, Hozier and is obsessed with Sir Elton John so he has some understanding across all eras.

Add in some being inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and big shots of any and every industry and that's that section.

[There's also a really personal and sad section that if you must know, use the link to the interview.]

When asked about future projects:

"Originally, I intended to put out another album in either the Summer or Fall of 2017, but that didn't happen."

As to why this is a good thing he says, "I feel like the album I would have made would have been angry and I don't feel angry anymore. I feel like I have overcome a lot within myself over these past few years."

Already, I can detect a scrapping of that righteous anger at the church song as mentioned from Billboard in 2015. In turn, that whole "subtle sense of sarcasm"/"dark" album is out of the question. As for the status of "Don't Let the Light In"? That's speculative though in a vlog from 2015 about the piano effects in his music, he pretty much said he can write, record and tinker with something for any length of time and then scrap the whole thing.

Also up in the air is a one time mentioned "covers album" from an interview late last year with a UBN radio show where he was the +1 of the Halloweenie organizers. Granted, I happened to have been involved with near goading that out of him because I wanted to know if anything was coming up [and was really the only one paying attention in the chat section for that...never mind.]

The interview ended up being nice and I don't have much else to say. Other than thanks for opening up, Steve.

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