Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Steve Grand Makes an AD of Himself

Normally, anything that's a glorified commercial/trailer/teaser wouldn't get much attention as it's cute. Considering it's a Steve Grand montage, I'll take certain exception and use this as a lightning round set of OBSERVATIONS...

OBSERVATIONS: YOU HEAR THAT? Singer/songwriter Steve Grand. If I have to remind any of you of that again, it's not going to be pretty.

- We're reminded of his Fort Lauderdale gig, him being suspender in disbelief and the OutClique interview* [which has him saying he's not putting out an album though that was planned before]

*Yes I'm aware that a photoshoot took place and that "Soakin' Wet" is playing over the small snippets of BTS footage shown. MUSIC FIRST. If you can look at him, you can listen to him too.

- Apparently, he either had to be reminded, or that cathedral in Fort Lauderdale has to constantly tell people "Don't touch these buttons".

- The suspenders fell off but later reappeared with his shirt off at one point...I mean; it's nice but reminder: HE'S A SINGER/SONGWRITER FIRST.

- Oh what's that? The original mix of "We Are the Night" gets a little love too. Not that ignoring the videos of it are excused either. #JusticeForWeAreTheNight

Overall, the commercial/self-promotion is cute. His next "official" vlog is coming and I forgot to mention he even previewed what would happen. It's shipping related as a printer acted goofy, technological mishaps look to have happened. Either way, it's something to look forward to.

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