Thursday, February 2, 2017

Steve Grand MUGS For the Vlogs Again

Fresh off of announcing his highest profile international gig to date, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras held in March, singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/noun Steve Grand released a new video in which he's trying his hands at vlogging again.

You know what that means. After the video, I'll be making observations...

OBSERVATIONS: He's not actually self-absorbed. Selling a coffee mug with his face on it is simply him trying to make a living aside from releasing music...(That the rest of you could've at least streamed on Spotify, watched on YouTube, or shared on Twitter, etc. so he wouldn't have to sell mugs, calendars and anything else you'd let slide with another artist. 💅)

- Wait a minute...someone named "Randy" behind the camera with someone I've been crushing on for years on camera...this is taking me back to my Randy Blue 2007-2009 viewings and I'm not ready for that.

- "I'm not sure exactly what story we're gonna tell here" AKA what musicians learn to say in a certain happy/nervous/neurotic manner.

- He does have a point when it comes to $ "vs" Spotify as in his case, he's been learning how to strengthen his business acumen. At the same time, don't be stupid and act like it doesn't exist. Less acerbic, at least find a way to say "I can make iTunes and Spotify work for me as to not piss off fans but also make a viable living off what I love."

- The new booth he built by hand gets more screen time. And even if you wanted to have hot, filthy sex in there, if it's's probably poorly ventilated so the sex stench would probably fuck around with the vocals.

- Just a reminder: keyboard/piano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> acoustic guitar.

- OK what keeps getting blurred with the "foggy shower square" thing? Wait...cameraman...Randy...the setup is much too ripe and I shant be touching that.

- HOT DAMN, he just admitted to being in therapy. Best of luck.

- And his co-host Mean MUGGIN closes out the show [don't forget TWITTER. I'm the nice one here.]

So in around 2 weeks to some point on the Gregorian Calendar, Steve could have a nugget/snippet/new video. Can't wait.

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