Monday, February 20, 2017

Steve Grand: PREview of things to COME

Nearly forced pun aside, I am personally so stoked right now. Singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/crush Steve Grand uploaded a new vlog where he previews NEW MUSIC. *screams internally* This is the kind of content I love to see from him, so I can safely say, this is a good day.

You know the drill by now; after the video, I will be making some observations...

OBSERVATIONS: The new tentative song [possible album cut at the very least] is called "Good to See You". This happens to be the song he previewed in his Recording Piano vlog from a year ago as seen here...

- As far as the direction of the sophomore effort, "Good to See You" actually makes better sense than I realized. Granted, this can either spell the death or possible downplaying of "Don't Let the Light In" [even though that song still gets performed and gets something of good reviews from those lucky enough to see him live. I'm not one of them yet and it makes me sad.]

- The "subtle sense of sarcasm" direction is more than likely canned given how Grand appears to be "of the Earth"/in a peace of mind. Although a darker album/that righteous anger at the Church song mentioned in Billboard would be a great outlet for him, it does make sense now that "Good to See You" is a starting point [not "the" but "a" starting point] for the sophomore effort.

As it stands now, #SG2 is still tentative but TBD tracks include "Good to See You" and "Don't Let the Light In". The only real scrapped track among his work is "Say Goodbye to Your Man".

- In general, this is another step closer to a songwriting vlog/"I'm not country, stop calling me that" video and that makes me even happier than I already am.

- Alright, I'll get this cheap joke out of the way. "I have such a raging Bosendorfer for BTS music content from Steve Grand right now."

- I can't possibly be the only one to have spotted the lion picture and thought "that's probably from his South Africa trip." Either that or his "big cat" obsession is a bit...well..."odd" is a strong word and "interesting" is shady as fuck to use so it's just...worth noting.

- Steve, let me tell you now; it's not really cheating and to be honest, musician types and critical types like me wouldn't really know the difference [and in my case, I wouldn't give a shit about a technique whether or I like a song or not.]

- "I walked across the universe/but I never left this place" Mars from "Better Off", universe in "Good to See You"; what is it with singers and outer space?

- No video is planned right now nor are we expecting one considering that you're just now starting to work on the record again. Calm down you hyper-perfectionist.

- Don't spoil all the songs but at least talk about musical influences [besides The Beatles because every other musician will say them, Sir Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Hozier for some reason] or songwriting/lyricism/telling off critics once and for all that you're not "country". Just a thought.

- Did I clock the lyric or half the lyric..."...California/getting lost in someone else"? At the very least some Lana Del Rey influence is seeping in and I am pleased with that.

- At the very least, Steve admits that other business [or "business-y" stuff] does eat up a lot of his time especially for a yet to be signed artist and is trying his damndest to navigate the oxymoron that is the music business.

- STOP IGNORING TWITTER. Don't let those critics take away from me...err...another platform. At least the logo is there but don't ignore Twitter.

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