Monday, February 27, 2017

Steve Grand Reads Comments/Pimps His Mugs

In the latest vlog, singer/songwriter/hot dork/crush Steve Grand decides to read comments about his first vlog of the year on Facebook and YouTube [there he goes again, treating Twitter like dirt even though he has the logo in the social plugs.]

Observations shall be made after the video...

OBSERVATIONS: OK he doesn't just comment about the mug and pimp it on his website, 😉 he also gives brief mention of trying to download a new plugin that's supposed to make his drums sound better. The download apparently failed and then apparently he needs Windex to clean his monitor. #WindexForSteve y'all.

- He then turns to Facebook [BOO! Facebook is evil! I'm not joining just to get attention from him! Plus my family is on there and simply put...NO.] and pretty much points out the following:


Plus with numbers to back up his claims [4,704 views in 2 hours for the vlog vs. 39,570 in a day for a flashback photo] he has to be given credit where it's due.

-_- Really almost had to look up Daniel Radcliffe when Randy pointed out "from Harry Potter"? This is almost as bad as that Google search for Chris Evans eating up precious Q&A time.

- You know, you could promote that "We Are the Night" video too. Throw out some links, point out it's a Dave Aude remix...I mean I've done that A LOT. I mean it's not like I pointed out that at the time of me writing the "We Are the Night Deserves More Views" post it had under 45K views [42,611] vs. the 500,000+ views in 6 days for a Mariah Carey [Michael Buble arrangement, whatever] cover.

[I'm pretty sure being pissed over the gym rat video with that video model noun had something to do with it as well, but I'm projecting again.]

- Aww, I sort of made it in another video of his at the 2:52 mark. I'll pat myself on the back.

- People talk and Steve sounds like he's trying not to let that screw with him too much. Perception vs. reality has kind of plagued him since the beginning of his career. That can't be dealt with overnight but at least now he seems like he can at least understand the nature of it all.

Not like certain outlets [Q, T, I, N, B & a lot more] could have focused on his music instead of Speedo pics and misconstruing his words but hey; I'm only someone who cares about music and not a narrative other people buy into.

The vlog schedule might take a hit considering he has a Sydney Mardi Gras performance to give in like a few days.

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