Monday, March 27, 2017

Steve Grand Narrates His Sydney Mardi Gras Performance

Some time after performing at Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras, singer/songwriter Steve Grand is at the vlog hustle again and you know the rules; after the video will come some OBSERVATIONS. Though before I let the video stand where it will, note to the outlets [Sydney Gay Mardi Gras and LGBT outlets in turn] how dare you cheapen Grand's appearance as "hot dude on float with suspenders and a smile".

Double shame to the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras' Twitter for not even reminding people he was there to perform the next day. Seriously, it's shit like this that enrages me. I have not been lucky to see him in person yet. Don't take away needed coverage FOR HIS MUSIC/live shows all because it's easier for you to pinch from his Instagram and call that a story.

Steve, you must take righteous hits as well for playing into this cheap press. You are not a bad person if you demand respect for your music from outlets as far reaching as Sydney Gay Mardi Gras' Twitter or any of the outlets that should be focusing on your music. Every time you end up retweeting a fluff account focusing on your looks, you say to the outlets, "You know what; you're right. My music is secondary even if I have it in my social media identity. Looks matter way more." No more of this shit.
I, a fan, should not be fighting for music coverage more than you.

OBSERVATIONS: With that out of the way, Steve decides to narrate the trip/some of the things he went through to put on a different kind of show. Remember, the choreography/showmanship/dancers thing was something he hadn't done before. Also, let's get this out of the way...yes, the Australian men in speedos were featured. Whatever, let's get to the important stuff.

- One last side note/fluff to get out of the way, HE FINALLY ADMITS he's 27 now. I turn 27 in October. #ShameIsForQuitters

- Anyone that played Gran Turismo 4 knows Holden as being an Australian manufacturer [GM is their parent company] with the Commodore [SS in the game] being a featured model alongside the Monaro CV8. The truck featured in the video is kind of like a Chevrolet Avalanche but still like...made.

- Well, at least in some capacity he does promote himself. Also, as mentioned before in a previous blog assist, ANTM buffs remember the Sydney Harbour Bridge being featured as a prize for Jaslene winning the go-see challenge.

- Hugging koalas is illegal. The More You Know...

*something, something, Australian men in speedos, blah blah get to the important stuff*

- His first ever press conference? THAT'S what I'm talking about. If only we could've gotten a glimpse into what an international press outlet could ask a singer/songwriter that's Kickstarter/BuzzFeed famous. Clearance issues probably prevented that but oooh, press coverage. Also, Wonder Woman lifted him up and that was adorable.

- His Aussie fan/reason he got booked was featured so hi there! Thanks for booking Steve an international stage that big.

- As for the show details, the jock or "soft butch" aesthetic isn't really explained [also what the fuck were those giant darts about] but we're to realize this is the most...flashy is a bit of a setup considering not much clothing was involved. "Busy" has a bad connotation...this was the most out there/pop production based a show of his had ever been.

- Rehearsal footage did make this seem that the Sydney stage was turning into the VMGays and I'm impressed with a creative stretch Grand was able to make.

"Sometimes I feel a little silly standing there waving like a princess going by on her motorcade."
- Steve Grand, Pop Princess on The Rise

- Back to the VMGays style rushing, hair and makeup were done as to prevent messy hair and make it look like he wasn't sweating profusely from nerves & nerves about the performance.

- The setup goes like this; the DJ wasn't breaking to introduce him and Grand had to time when the bassline of the Dave Aude remix of "We Are the Night" was starting. From the looks of the video edit and remembering what little SGM's Twitter would show of his time there on stage, it looks like all went well.

- CLOCK the shady fan in the audience who says "I know" after Grand says "Sydney Mardi Gras you guys are amazing!"

- No "ideal" day at the beach was had the day or so after the show but at the very least his performance went off without a hitch.

- YAY recording area footage [and also bad acting...he's such a musician when he acts.]

- The social media plugs are pop-up style...and the pattern achieved had Twitter pop up first. Apparently, he's been reading the blog or it was really lucky on my end.

- Fresh from his social media, Grand writes "I’m waiting for the green light to release footage from the whole performance. Hopefully that is on it’s way sooner rather than later!"

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