Monday, March 6, 2017

Steve Grand Updates his EPK

In news that excites me [and pretty much only me], singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork Steve Grand put a new BTS vlog out. This time it deals with his EPK; what that is will be partially explained in the OBSERVATIONS after the video.

OBSERVATIONS: First thing's first, an EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. What Steve is doing in this case is updating his to reflect how much more he's done since the last EPK on his channel was uploaded.

- The EPK itself isn't updated in the video, but what he does is write down the notes of what to update and which song/video should be where. Anything more than 4 creates clutter on the page.

- One of the changes he talks about is song/video choice. "Time" would have to be scrapped for the Dave Aude remix of "We Are the Night". As he points out, it is a plus to have a now Grammy winning DJ behind a remix of a song.

- OK one thing to knock you for; uttering the words "an actor/enactor of change in this world". What kind of verbiage? Not even early social media profiles had anything that vacuous/pretentious/motivational speaker-esque.

- Thing 2 in the Seuss to knock you for is calling a stylus "dainty". Just don't; use your finger if you must but for the love of Gaga.

- It's not a bad lie to say 14,940,526 views is "15 Million Views". It is after all selling yourself; maybe go with "Nearly 15 Million Views" for the draft but wait a little bit to see...shit I'm starting to sound like one of the "A&R stans".

- Oh yeah, he also mentioned "Look Away". Worked with Eli Lieb who's internet famous as well.

STOP IGNORING TWITTER, Mean Muggin' the Mug. You know full damn well critics who don't do their research mean nothing and fans like me should matter more.

***BONUS SCENE of Shady Me vs. Me***

SM: FINALLY, he promotes himself instead of me having to do it just on Twitter.

M: Don't be You and I both like it when he does BTS videos like this. Besides, we just plug his music since he's too busy being booked or more likely tending to calendar orders.

SM: Don't you mean online orders in general, you shady bitch?

M: Whatever. Do you think he'll tackle "streaming" but not be stupid like Taylor Swift?

SM: Latter confirmed, but the former might not be coming for a long while. I mean not after he posts more pre-recorded stuff with those damn suspenders showing up.

M: Agreed. He'll take his time, maybe release another cover he won't promote on Twitter...err perhaps plug on Facebook more than Twitter.

SM: You're not wrong...or is it we're not wrong...

M: His vlog is good and more of the BTS content we like.

SM: Exactly.

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