Monday, April 3, 2017

Steve Grand Plays Producer

A nice surprise entry into singer/songwriter Steve Grand's vlog hustle is this nugget he has of playing producer with Jiji who was the woman that Steve lost his love to in the video for "All-American Boy". You know the drill...after the video, OBSERVATIONS will be made.

OBSERVATIONS: As to what she's doing here, Jiji is featured on a potential new single [in the not too distant future.] Steve in true gay best friend fashion...judges her fashion [while still wearing those suspenders]...

- OK he does tell her the hat could screw with the sound as it rubs against the material it's made out of. By the way Steve; what is that stuff that makes it soundproof?

- Before I forget, at least Steve admits some vocal shortcomings. His falsetto isn't where it needs to be, hence why Jiji was contacted.

- Oh great, a nod to that Zayn and Taylor Swift duet. At least it's in reference to the breathy quality needed from the brief. By the way Steve, projection could be your friend. Don't let Zayn or even The Weeknd's career fool you; falsettos are not always necessary.

- Bill, he's working right now. He can't exactly like your Instagram post or reply to your comment on his post right now. "Later, you Bill." Well isn't that special...

- Steve, how do we know if she's being rude if you won't even type out what she said? The chocolate quote is fine and dandy and all but...come on...

- "He says my pitch is perfect right after he fixes the pitch"...or whatever Jiji mumblesaid. If you don't bust each other's chops, are you really friends? Though relax Jiji, if the song ends up on the album, I won't rip it to shreds.

- The song title isn't being said yet and honestly, OK. The title could change tomorrow after the 15th take that hour after Jiji left.

TENTATIVE but EXISTING album tracklist for "#SG2":
- "Don't Let the Light In"
- "Good to See You"
- Untitled track at the moment with vocals from "Jiji"
- and about 10-12 songs Steve will work his cute ass off to get right. over. and over. and over. and over. again.

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