Thursday, May 4, 2017

Steve Grand's Photo(shoot) Finish

In his latest vlog entry, singer/songwriter Steve Grand shares a little bit as to what happened with a promotional photoshoot with Allen Spiers. About the title...yeah, yeah it's a pun and it was either this or "Polaroid Rage" or anything with "poser" in the title. Any lesser blog enthusiast would have used those but that's not the important thing here.

You know the routine; after the video I will have some OBSERVATIONS to make.

OBSERVATIONS: Remember, *bad acting voice from Steve* good people of Earth *end voice* eating broccoli is bad for the soul.

- Dude, at least lay your clothes flat or use the little hanger apparatus on either side of the rear passenger seat. That's what a 4 door sedan is for, when in the possession of a musician; it doubles as the wardrobe rack before you get all famous and shit.

- Wait dude, is it Allan or Alan; you've got Allan in the thumbnail and the title of the video but Alan in the intro once the photoshoot starts...remember *bad acting voice from Steve* good people of Earth *This bit will die once you get better at acting 😜* spelling matters. It's the difference in sexting someone "I like your big clock" vs. that other thing.

- If you're wondering how storage can get full on a phone, one word; Instagram. I don't have it anymore and that's MY best guess. Well in this case it's music on his phone...wait a minute...all that trouble of building a recording booth and you still use your phone to...never mind, he's on the go.

- A snippet's worth of new music is played...I literally could not make any note of what he could be singing.

I mean, we could be happy with the apostrophe in "that's" but OK

- We could address the whole photo vs. music thing, but it's really media outlets that can make the narrative that you're a musician. You're culpable too since you can call them out and have them focus on your music. Two way street, honey.

- He probably doesn't realize, but his ass knocking over a drink is proof he has "ignorant booty"; an ass of a magnitude previously unheard of on white boys, but is an ass to where its owner is largely unaware of it [but mainly in things like knocking over drinks, pulling onlookers into its gravitational pull, etc.] 🍑

- The photoshoot presses on, blah blah he has to change on set, but apparently, he's reunited with his punk Marilyn t-shirt [as seen in the "PillowTalk" cover video]

Wait, I'm saying "as seen" when in reality I'm the one who's plugged it more than outlets and even Steve himself. Facebook views aren't YouTube views, honey.

- Who's the dumbfuck that asked a musician if they have money let alone if they're rich? I just want to know if they're the same person that ate sushi in front of Shamu at Sea World.

- So the photoshoot is done and chances are the photos used were mainly for new promo photos. At least we got to see him exude sex appeal without those fakakta suspenders.

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