Friday, June 9, 2017

Steve Grand Was Made for Walking (But He Can Sing Too)

[Admit it; I couldn't have been the only one thinking of the pun]

In addition to releasing "Walking" on Spotify, iTunes 'n such, singer/songwriter Steve Grand decides to release a lyric video/BTS video mashup.

In reality, the video serves as a reminder that Grand is approaching 4 years since "All American Boy" [or at least with me, 4 years since BuzzFeed covered it and have me not only spot his glorious ass {Nina Bo'nina Brown voice: SUE ME} but also have me take notice of someone whose music I would end up going nuts for in November 2014 onward.]

I could make observations throughout the video run, but I'd honestly have nothing to say about the video thus far. Well at least the lyric video considering there is a music video on the way. Below are updates RE: the status of #SG2.

CONFIRMED for SG2: "Walking", "Good to See You", "Don't Let the Light In"
TBD for SG2: the collaborative effort with "Jiji" and the collaborative effort in his "tasty summer songs" vlog.

Available on Spotify & iTunes

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