Friday, January 29, 2016

Steve Grand: "Quiet Confidence = BONER"

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand is essentially saying "FUCK YO' COUCH!" to scheduled releases...not concerning his "We Are the Night" t-shirt design contest; the winner will be announced by the end of the week of January 25th. (My lack of subtlety has gotten me everywhere I shouldn't be.)

That aside, Grand announced he was editing another vlog with his adorable cat Tasha [who I remember fondly from pimping out "Bennie and the Jets" and "Time" when they were released as singles] on his lap around 12 minutes ago from starting to write this (FUN FACT: 12 AM in musician time is roughly 10 AM in standard time.)

So what did the Americana Beyonce decide to release as his 4th (!) vlog video in one month and 2nd in roughly 1-2 days?

The above font in Helvetica or at least some sans serif font is the shit that happened the late as HELL night Steve hinted at a vlog. That aside, the music video [and maybe separate audio posting] of the "We Are the Night" remix is dues in some weeks.

That aside, today's vlog video revolves around what kind of guy Steve happens to be into. It isn't that surprising once you find out (Or read the title of this entry) XP

Observations: Yes Steve, you did get the chart terms right; X-axis, Y-axis all that algebra shit ON FLEEK. [Although you tried to determine a slope which No T, No Shade you kind of bit off more than you could chew. No correlation means slopes can fuck off. I suck at math too so don't take my word for it.]

"But do I get a sunshine sticker for my graph?"
-Yes you do; *sunshine sticker*

- Quiet confidence; (n.) (s.)- Confidence that's actually natural and not a front for being a douchebag.

- Want proof I'm not shallow? I can still love Steve even though he's wearing some yarn monstrosity KNOWING he's wearing it for function over looks (Or at least I hope to the LORDE OUR GAGA that's the case).

- Here's the thing about "nuance", "complexity", "depth", "subtlety" and all that shit's that foreign to me. No one that actually has any of those things says they have any of those things! It's this weird state of being self-aware but being natural about it; if you fuck up it's either self-consciousness or arrogance/pretentiousness and those weird things in quotes are supposed to be happy mediums.

- The thing about wanting growth or someone that wants to grow as a person: great in theory, but someone who has just come into not hating themselves explicitly or implicitly anymore *waves hand* there has to be room to let that person be themselves.
Something about that person attracted you to them, so let that flourish until you have a "talk" but not dump them.

- Wanting someone hot with character and can pass for normal in public? ERMAHGERD, that's suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a demanding checklist...EW MY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD...

- FUN FACT about me: Even with one relationship under my belt (Don't ever date a flake who works at Macy's...oops.) from crushes past, I know I go for guys that are the opposite of me; usually, dorky white guys that I tend to find uniquely beautiful and interesting enough for me to lust after. (Steve, I will so DM you my number on Twitter if you would like.)

- YOU ARE NOT BASIC, Steve. Even if you're playing that up, you're not some rando white chick with Uggs, Starbucks & tacky sweatpants from Victoria's Secret.

Now that that's out of the way, any to ALL OF YOU need to at least like his video, share the shit out of it and follow him on social media...

***NOTE: When I showed Grand a preview of this entry, it was revealed that he intends on trying to make the vlogs happen on a weekly basis again. In this case as opposed to immediate, he's intending on a Wednesday or so release...***

Friday, January 22, 2016

Steve Grand: Behind the Scenes - Shaker Edition

Singer/songwriter Steve Grand only announced it in the middle of the night, but as promised a new Behind the Scenes video was posted regarding the recording process (Total personal note: I'm loving the scruff he has.) This now marks the 6th video release in 2 months and 3rd vlog entry in the past month.

"The scruff is a natural part of being committed
to my art and proof I need to be committed. ;ppp"
-Steve Grand, "probably"
[Side note, I hope he named those shakers Salt and Pepa]
This time with Nick Block, Grand goes over how the shaker* is incorporated with his music and how it's a process he mentioned on Twitter as "not taking lightly" [*before the video, I knew it was something percussion or rhythm related. After the video, I became less ignorant].

NOTE: Do NOT fuck around when it comes to percussion; he will eat you alive. *The More You Know*

Now knowing that much more about the recording process, what should he cover next? Be like me and leave a thoughtful comment (Again, a T-H-O-U-G-H-T-FUL comment and not a T-H-O-T-FUL comment) for him. Personally, my hope is that he'll discuss songwriting and the pop inspirations like Lady Gaga and even Taylor Swift [to further drive home he's not country and has NEVER said he was] but try to leave ideas for him for new content.

Seriously, no new artist is being this transparent with their audience and this needs to be taken seriously.

Also, there's a preview of the remix and in turn video of "We Are the Night", so get excited.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dear BuzzFeed: Cover Steve Grand's MUSIC

Today, I found out via a retweet by singer/songwriter Steve Grand, that he did get something of BuzzFeed love. However, it was for a newsletter feature called "Dude a Day". -_- It's essentially BuzzFeed playing off of the "thirst trap"/beefcake appeal of internet related content.

Credit to Twitter user @_NickMiranda for the images seen here.

Apart from acknowledging Grand's newfound sobriety, there's one huge problem with this particular bit of BuzzFeed "support". That being, it once again is NOT about his music; which leads me to say this...


You've done it maybe 3 times 2013...when his video for "All American Boy" debuted; receipts below...

Granted, you managed to find time between "listicles" to cover him in 2015...when a Marine asked him to the Marine Corps Ball...

This is not a slant at Sgt. Tanner White. This is a slant to BuzzFeed in choosing what to cover about a singer THEY had a hand in making a viral star! So BuzzFeed, if you want to know what he's been doing since 2013 [but don't feel like putting in effort], let me user MrSwearword, save you effort and present this video he made recapping his year...

BETTER YET, why don't I present a cover of a Mariah Carey song he made, edited vocals for and shot a video for in a matter of 4. DAYS...

He put this video out TWO WEEKS AGO and as of this day of writing has amassed 620,831 views...TWO WEEKS AGO...DURING CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S EVE...when people pretend to have lives and aren't online that much!

BuzzFeed is not the only media outlet that owes Steve Grand coverage for his music. I have ranted about this REPEATEDLY...

ESSENTIALLY, all I ask/rant/DEMAND by now from BuzzFeed especially is that Grand get coverage for his music. Here's a sample of what to look forward to this month:

- the release of the Dave Audé (yes, you read that name right) remix of his song "We Are the Night"

- the release of the music video for "We Are the Night" which is more than likely going to close out the All American Boy era.

Don't wait until his second album to give him just due.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Steve Grand: Behind the Scenes - Piano Edition

I forgot to make a post about this yesterday when initially released, but singer/songwriter Steve Grand released a new video giving an inside look as to how some of the piano elements of his music is made. He prefaces the video with the announcement of a t-shirt design contest to celebrate the pending release of the "We Are the Night" music video.

Once the video starts, Grand proceeds to reveal (Apart from a messy room which is totally fine given that messy rooms for artistic types equals MAD GENIUS status) that he had been recording tentative...again TENTATIVE new music for intended release. The new mystery song is one Grand claims he laid vocals for "60 times" prior to this BTS release.*

[*NOTE: Those that remember his interview via Hey Qween! will remember that 60 times is nothing compared to the "400" takes he did for "Stay".*]

The one thing that caught my attention was that around the 1:42 mark, Grand reveals he "dug up" a song of his that didn't make the final album cut for All-American Boy and was recording piano for this song. The only song of his I've come across that didn't make the album is a song called "Goodbye to Your Man". The only video/evidence I've seen of this song being performed was when he performed it at Pittsburgh Pride in 2014.

Considering he did say "...and right now I'm recording piano for this song..." it's kind of insinuated that this may be a different song altogether or "Goodbye to Your Man" may and I mean MAY be getting new piano treatment.

That aside, watch the Behind the Scenes content; it's a rare look into how an artist can construct TENTATIVE new material and do as the man says and do keep up with him via social media if you can...

Content pending: the review of the Dave Audé remix of "We Are the Night" IF AND ONLY IF there is approved Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube audio of it.

On deck: the review of the official video for "We Are the Night" [which if no Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube audio is sanctioned will double as a review for the remix itself]

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Will No Longer Recap The Voice

I am jumping ship on recapping The Voice AKA The NBC Program with Ratings. Read my recaps of the show and you'll understand why...hell, read any of my content related to The Voice and by now you'll understand why.

For 9 seasons of viewing and recapping since Season 4 [as a result of being pissed off by other recaps of the show favoring contestants that suck], I have really only voted for one person that ended up winning (Because my love for Craig Wayne Boyd's looks was nothing compared to my hatred of all of Team Adam's live playoff onward contestants that made it.)

I have had it with the show, its coaches and its biggest voting block being morons in keeping some of the shittiest singers I have ever heard on a singing show. Especially considering that in 9 seasons, only Michelle Chamuel and Jacquie Lee from S4 and S5 are the contestants I liked since the beginning of their seasons to make it to the finale...
Again, that's 2 contestants out of 9 SEASONS that have made it to the finale that I actually ever liked the whole way through.

In 9 going on 10 seasons the show frankly doesn't deserve at this point considering that unless you count Melanie Martinez having a #6 peaking debut album Crybaby, hasn't made a goddamn superstar/Kelly Clarkson type. Hell, out of the 7 previous winners [because S8 and S9 winners Sawyer Fredericks and Jordan Smith have yet to flop...err release eventual flops] only S3 and S5 winners Cassadee Pope and Tessanne Chin "respectively" [I still hate them winning] ever made lee-way with a combined 56,000 albums sold in the first week between them [and Tessanne got rightfully...err...just plain screwed over considering her 7,000 copy selling album was released while she was on The Voice tour.]

The other winners either flopped miserably [Javier Colon, Danielle Bradbery {"Didn't she sell more albums than Tessanne?" Yes, but she's an even worse version of Cassadee and does country so who cares.}] or in the case of Jermaine Paul, Josh Kaufman and Craig Wayne Boyd all got DROPPED by the label they won the contract with before an album could ever be released and certified dust; Jermaine got a song in a Samsung commercial, then got dropped; Josh was on Broadway for the closing of Pippin which should've been easier code for got dropped and Craig despite nabbing a #1 country hit and a Top 40 on the Hot 100 got dropped from the label.

Creatively, the show's format changes aren't infuriating but the type of artists that keep resurfacing are terrible. Well if not unable to sing, the contestant archetypes are boring people or people with forced or manufactured "personas" of being "different".
Literally as "highlighted" with most of the "edgy" chicks in S9, buying hair dye or going to a salon for a makeover doesn't make you "edgy"/"unique" or "quirky". It makes you someone with disposable income and someone in need of depth.

Musically, there hasn't been equal representation of genres outside of the binary "country" and "actual music". On the "actual" side of music, there hasn't been an actual rap artist type since Moses Stone on S2 and I've already written about the need of a female rapper on the show.
Song choices? GOOD. BYE. BITCH. SO much goddamn Whitney Houston, The Beatles and cheap picks from the song catalogs the show has access to has essentially ruined half of the show in theory. The other half? This weird need to jump in on "hit songs" from the radio in an attempt to prove to a non-existent audience "HEY, we're hip with the kids and stuff!"

There are way too many other things about the show to jump in on, but the verdict remains the same; I am not recapping The Voice anymore. It has devolved into mediocre at best, infuriating at worst trash and I can't stomach recapping it.
Live-tweeting intermittently is a DISTANT possibility, but for now I AM DONE with The Voice.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Steve Grand Recaps His 2015

Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand just pulled his 4th video stunt since December 21st of what is now last year. It kicked off with his rendition of Mariah Carey's Christmas staple "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which since release has amassed 574,162 views [the half million point being crossed 6 days after release].

He then proceeded to release a two part behind the scenes look into what made the video the viral success that it is [FUN Fact: the video links first posted to Twitter by Grand were only THREE. HOURS. APART]. Now in his 4th surprise video release this month [5 total in two months with the acoustic rendition of "We are the Night" released back in November which will have a "proper" release date "probably in late January"].

The most surprising/exciting detail is a remix made by a well known DJ who has made remixes for some of the biggest names in mainstream music!

Though Grand doesn't touch on all of the "...challenging year...personally and professionally" aspects of his 2015, it is worth reminding that he was part of a STATE DEPARTMENT SPONSORED cultural envoy to Lithuania and Latvia; Riga, just having hosted EuroPride which was the first time that had ever happened in a former Soviet republic.

So look for a lot of "We are the Night" related content from Grand to kick off 2016. #GrandFam #GrandFam4Life

***NOTE: This remix of "We are the Night" is at the very least appearing on iTunes in January. Links to other streaming sites are at the moment TBD and purely speculative.***