Friday, June 9, 2017

Steve Grand Was Made for Walking (But He Can Sing Too)

[Admit it; I couldn't have been the only one thinking of the pun]

In addition to releasing "Walking" on Spotify, iTunes 'n such, singer/songwriter Steve Grand decides to release a lyric video/BTS video mashup.

In reality, the video serves as a reminder that Grand is approaching 4 years since "All American Boy" [or at least with me, 4 years since BuzzFeed covered it and have me not only spot his glorious ass {Nina Bo'nina Brown voice: SUE ME} but also have me take notice of someone whose music I would end up going nuts for in November 2014 onward.]

I could make observations throughout the video run, but I'd honestly have nothing to say about the video thus far. Well at least the lyric video considering there is a music video on the way. Below are updates RE: the status of #SG2.

CONFIRMED for SG2: "Walking", "Good to See You", "Don't Let the Light In"
TBD for SG2: the collaborative effort with "Jiji" and the collaborative effort in his "tasty summer songs" vlog.

Available on Spotify & iTunes

NEW MUSIC ALERT: "Walking" by Steve Grand

While other corners of the internet continue arguing over you know who and you know who else fighting, singer/songwriter Steve Grand released a new song, "Walking". *screams*

How it [still] works: everything about the song is up for tens or chops; vocals, lyrics and whether or not the song is worth any of my time. ("It's Steve Grand, of course YOU'D love it." Oh how you forget the few times I've been critical of him.)

"Walking" is a more blatant in sound pop effort from Grand but nothing that sounds out of place compared to All American Boy. Vocally, he sounds fantastic. Studio projection I hadn't heard since the last time I listened to his debut. The chorus...OK maybe hook, is good and perhaps his most melodic single release [Oddly enough, his other really melodic chorus/hook effort was "Run" from All American Boy.]
However, I can't quite tell what inspired the instrumental. Is it his natural style mixed with Trop-Pop [please tell me this is a good version of such] or is it a natural style mixed with what he thinks are the good parts of 1980s pop? Whatever it is, it does work for him [even if the worst thing about the instrumental is it being anything Trop-Pop adjacent. Maybe xylophones or xylophone sounding beats are kind of ruined for me.]

Lyrically, [at least to me] the song can read as ["asking how a guy can love him even though he isn't worth anything...we know"; BESIDES THAT] him singing to his diehard fans asking why they've stuck with him despite times he's messed up with "how can you love me"/"how could you love me" sort of being his version of "Paparazzi" [because it's his version of dealing with fame and such. "WOW, kind of reaching but do you." Whatever.]
However, I must clock him for "my youth is yours" in the background towards the beginning of the second verse. Maybe it's because I'd rather hear "gave to you my youth" in the background but referencing Troye Sivan's chorus? You're a good lyricist, Steve; especially for a new act. Don't slack off here by being "cutesy" in the delivery of/referencing of "Youth".

In terms of what this single release offers, it shows Grand is consistent with how he's presented himself as a singer/songwriter. Despite the "my youth is yours" line & not really Trop-Pop/maybe 80s sound, there's way more good than bad on this.
Another version of "Run" it might be, but his vocals are rather fantastic when given room to be melodic.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Steve Grand's Photo(shoot) Finish

In his latest vlog entry, singer/songwriter Steve Grand shares a little bit as to what happened with a promotional photoshoot with Allen Spiers. About the title...yeah, yeah it's a pun and it was either this or "Polaroid Rage" or anything with "poser" in the title. Any lesser blog enthusiast would have used those but that's not the important thing here.

You know the routine; after the video I will have some OBSERVATIONS to make.

OBSERVATIONS: Remember, *bad acting voice from Steve* good people of Earth *end voice* eating broccoli is bad for the soul.

- Dude, at least lay your clothes flat or use the little hanger apparatus on either side of the rear passenger seat. That's what a 4 door sedan is for, when in the possession of a musician; it doubles as the wardrobe rack before you get all famous and shit.

- Wait dude, is it Allan or Alan; you've got Allan in the thumbnail and the title of the video but Alan in the intro once the photoshoot starts...remember *bad acting voice from Steve* good people of Earth *This bit will die once you get better at acting 😜* spelling matters. It's the difference in sexting someone "I like your big clock" vs. that other thing.

- If you're wondering how storage can get full on a phone, one word; Instagram. I don't have it anymore and that's MY best guess. Well in this case it's music on his phone...wait a minute...all that trouble of building a recording booth and you still use your phone to...never mind, he's on the go.

- A snippet's worth of new music is played...I literally could not make any note of what he could be singing.

I mean, we could be happy with the apostrophe in "that's" but OK

- We could address the whole photo vs. music thing, but it's really media outlets that can make the narrative that you're a musician. You're culpable too since you can call them out and have them focus on your music. Two way street, honey.

- He probably doesn't realize, but his ass knocking over a drink is proof he has "ignorant booty"; an ass of a magnitude previously unheard of on white boys, but is an ass to where its owner is largely unaware of it [but mainly in things like knocking over drinks, pulling onlookers into its gravitational pull, etc.] 🍑

- The photoshoot presses on, blah blah he has to change on set, but apparently, he's reunited with his punk Marilyn t-shirt [as seen in the "PillowTalk" cover video]

Wait, I'm saying "as seen" when in reality I'm the one who's plugged it more than outlets and even Steve himself. Facebook views aren't YouTube views, honey.

- Who's the dumbfuck that asked a musician if they have money let alone if they're rich? I just want to know if they're the same person that ate sushi in front of Shamu at Sea World.

- So the photoshoot is done and chances are the photos used were mainly for new promo photos. At least we got to see him exude sex appeal without those fakakta suspenders.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A "Summery" of Steve Grand's Latest Vlog

Out and about in London for an Attitude Magazine photoshoot [as confirmed by himself on Twitter] singer/songwriter Steve Grand up and released a new vlog regarding a song that "might" not make the sophomore album.

You know the rules; after the video will come some OBSERVATIONS...

OBSERVATIONS: For those that don't remember the Hey Qween interview, First Impressions was the My Chemical Romance & Fall Out Boy inspired band Steve and some friends were in, during their formative high school years.

- Oh, a non-album single/promotional single status confirmed moment. I doubt any other singer would outright say a song of theirs would/wouldn't be on the album, so thanks again for the transparency, Steve.

- I'll be the one to say it...if his recording booth was a movie it would be Crouching Tiger, Hidden Talent.

- Steve, how in the fuck do you not at least tell this friend of yours from way back in the day to study Pro Tools? Unless it's some sneaky advertisement for them in trying to utilize its user-friendly approach...pretty sneaky, sis.

- FINALLY, THE SUSPENDERS ARE GONE. Praise Gaga on highest.

- To Mike, that's exactly how his process is; go in, record 200 takes minimum, obsess over the one that sounds the least offensive to him, re-record 150 takes minimum just to be safe and eventually settle on the one that sounds the least shitty to him.

- THIS JUST IN: Eyes aren't actually hungry; they're a metaphor for being horny. This and other news highlights at the top of the hour.

- Only 5 takes in that sped-up montage? WOW, you slacker. Either that or those were the last 5 out of 140 to which I apologize profusely.

- So this was recorded around the time of him being in Florida for a gig or 3. Tentative status confirmed; concert goers [not me...yet.] may or may not have heard a snippet or two from this collaboration.

As it stands, #SG2 has "Don't Let the Light In" and "Good to See You" as confirmed track titles and 2 yet to be announced title tracks featuring "Jiji" and the collaboration vlog BTS released today.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Responding to Accidental Bear: I Did It Better

Dear Accidental Bear: Here's at least one better picture of Steve Grand you could have and should have used for your article on him.

[Screen grab I took from his BTS vlog for his collaboration with Eli Lieb, "Look Away".]

Yesterday, I happened upon an article that singer/songwriter Steve Grand had retweeted from Accidental Bear. The article in question was intending to draw attention to Grand's music and call out how shallow outlets and most people on Twitter/social media were.

Intending is the operative word here because apparently, Accidental Bear forgot to adhere to an adage that should not have been ignored; "A picture is worth 1,000 words". Using a picture of Grand in his Speedo while saying "You bitches are so fucking thirsty" is the definition of trying to have it both ways in the bad way.
One way of reading this is as follows: Hey Accidental Bear, I did this "appreciate Steve Grand for his music" post way better than you 2. years. ago. []

Perception vs. reality is something Grand has struggled with against the shallow outlets like Queerty, Towleroad, Instinct, Out, Advocate, NewNowNext (even in both its slightly better but not by much AfterElton and The Backlot iterations) [] and BuzzFeed who is still the worst about this. []

Using the Speedo picture to draw people in is a misguided attempt at playing the shallow outlets at their own games. Here's an ugly truth about that in the age of the internet; reverse psychology does not work. Context is lost and in turn whatever sardonic tone you were intending and trying to relay to readers who had more than likely given Grand the cold shoulder, musically.

However, the caveat to using image against them plays into what you failed to understand. It's not about using the image they use against them. The shallow outlets already know which dated Speedo pictures to use [a dated Speedo picture being one of the reasons "Speedogate" happened with Grand anyway.] The way to counter these shallow images is to use a completely unrelated to the illusion of sex. Maybe one of him behind the scenes of a music video he vlogs about, or maybe one of his covers...let me save you the trouble yet again Accidental Bear.

Maybe this screen grab I took from his cameo in a Max Emerson vlog where he has to explain yet again that he isn't a country artist.

Maybe this still from a high note in his "PillowTalk" cover

Maybe this one from his special rendition of "Soakin' Wet"

Maybe this one from his cover of "Sorry"

If you were to focus on him doing his best to reach out and be "warm"/appreciative of his fans, maybe this moment from after his viral "All I Want For Christmas Is You" cover

If you wanted to show how much he really is trying his best to maintain a work ethic, maybe this still from his vlog about how the piano is recorded for his music

Before you counter with anything, I'm fully aware that you don't have these print screens and went with a completely ill-advised brief of "use their own image against them." If all the effort you went into curating the image was "visit his Instagram", my response is as follows:

If on a desktop/laptop, personal or work
- At least be willing to scroll down...and down...and down until there's a still from a vlog, music video, cover video that has nothing to do with Speedos until you find one you deem fit to upload.

- Then, you hit the print screen button on the actual post and not just the window with the "X" in previews. The actual post with say "7w ago" in it.

- Once you hit print screen, open up PowerPoint, go to a blank template, create a new slide after the title slide. Paste the print screen and save as...let's say "Grand-4-20-17" because that's your subject and it has the date in which you would need to click publish/write your story.

- Once the image is saved and PowerPoint is closed [no need to worry about saving the presentation], open up a photo editor and depending on the brand of computer you have, click edit; then click crop and rotate; clicking the aspect ratio option, click custom to ensure the photo turns out as you want.
Once finished and you're satisfied with the changes, click save and the photo can then be used in your article as you see fit.

If on a mobile device, make a mental note to go home and follow the above instructions.

Let this be the first and last time I have to respond like this. It's one thing for me to criticize an outlet because they don't even bother to give Steve Grand credit for his music and/or activism. It's another to present such a case but completely defeat the point you make by acting like the shallow outlets can be fooled by a pretty picture with a poignant message underneath it.

I emplore you to remember this adage the next time you want to give Steve Grand credit for his music and/or activism without using a Speedo picture: "Sex does not sell, it makes people forget what you're trying to sell."

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This List is STILL RANK: The New TOP 40 Lady Gaga Songs of All Time

In this special updated list, Lady Gaga will get 10 additional songs to make her a Top 40 member joining Madonna, Beyonce and Kelis.

As from the last list, for reference, her efforts The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, ARTPOP and now Joanne will be the source of most of the picks. In any scope, any Lady Gaga song released/or even unreleased or performed is eligible. Yes, Cheek to Cheek is not totally up for consideration (though a cut from that album might appear on the list) but is still an album worth your time.

40. "Fashion" [from the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack]- Of the closest to "throwaway" tracks on the list, Gaga's contribution to the soundtrack isn't bad but rather boring. It gets the job done, swagger jacks Fergie's "My Humps" days and lists off fashion brands to a tune and...just exists for simple listening pleasure.

39. "Jewels N' Drugs" ft. T.I., Too $hort and Twista [from ARTPOP]- Ever wonder what a Lady Gaga cut can sound like when she outright says, "Fuck it; let's do this!"? This is the track from ARTPOP that does that and then some. Despite instances of vibe and soundclash, the rap sections just add an unexpected plus to the track. Gaga's vocals while not the focus still convey the deliciously tacky vibe of "Jewels N' Drugs".

38. "Perfect Illusion" [as used for the Robin Skouteris mashup "Perfect Discollusion (Gaga Don't Preach)"]- The lead single from Joanne in its original form is barely passable Gaga as it is ridiculously subtle in presentation. Don't let the promo for it [read as, having Little Monsters/Gaga fans suffer through a poorly written Ryan Murphy show...named Scream Queens, just to see the video at damn near the tail end.] fool you.
Without the mashup, it could've barely been honorable mentions but now it's lucky it has a place on the list. AT. ALL.

37. "The Cure" [new song she debuted at Coachella 2017]- In terms of experimentation and the artists that can pull it off, Gaga is usually considered one of the ones who can. "The Cure" while really good...let's face it, is not meant to sit among the greats. Stream it on Spotify [like I have] but know this; it's a subtle song that while not her worst attempt at subtlety, it's still not totally Gaga until she starts singing her ass off.
For live performances, this could live on for many concerts to come, but unless [like me] you've contributed to a listening party as commanded by the Little Monster corner of's not gonna sit with the other higher ranking Gaga material. Good, but she's done great things before.

36. "A-YO" [from Joanne]- The single turned promo single once people [at least looked like they] could embrace "Million Reasons". As for "A-YO", it was a notch up above PAHFECT EELUUZHAWN but still lacking in...not depth but...creativity. Catchy hook, maybe but considering this bitch's bench runs the deepest of the current/new pop divas, you know full damn well this is not Top 10 material.

35. "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion" [from the special edition of Born This Way]- Any song that has the lyric "Jesus is the new black" is by default the most decadent and most goddamn fabulously blasphemous Gaga song ever crafted. While it's clear it would've never lasted one second on the radio, it's the best album specific cut of BTW. The "Candy Shop" from Hard Candy principle works its magic for "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion".

34. "Diamond Heart" [from Joanne]- The opener for the latest release is rather pleasing...on that album. Among the oeuvre of Gaga, it falls way short. Yeah, it's got a rockin' beat but with the other songs from this era on the list and even the ones not up for consideration, they represent the bad side of Joanne; a creatively neutered era all because people decided ARTPOP/Gaga was "too weird".
Still, of the tracks from this era so far to make the list, it's worthy for Top 40 status but not a damn thing above it.

33. "Aura" [from ARTPOP]- While more famous for its lyric video in conjunction with Gaga's role in Machete Kills, its weird and trippy as fuck production services Gaga well. As an ARTPOP album cut, should this have led as the first single once play is pressed? No. While weird as hell, it's an entree compared to the amuse-bouche weirdness of say..."Gypsy". Still, "Aura" makes this list for being unapologetic weird-Gaga.

32. "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" [As performed for the PBS series, GREAT PERFORMANCES “Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!”]- If not for another live performance on this list, this would easily cinch the crown as the best live singing she's ever done. Dressed in red leather, Gaga bitchslapped that song into submission. Theatrics once again serviced her musically [which can be said for any of the songs on the list.]

31. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" [from The Fame]- Used as a promo song ABC show of the same name, the song lasted longer than the show obviously and with good reason. The song is catchy as fuck even though it's barely in at 3 minutes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Steve Grand on Interviews and His Wyoming Gig

In his latest BTS vlog, singer/songwriter Steve Grand dishes for only a little bit on interviews and "outrage culture" before focusing on his Wyoming gig where apart from performing, he and soft butch types will be watching an eclipse.

You know the rule, after the video will come some OBSERVATIONS...

OBSERVATIONS: Yeah, yeah that's from his Wyoming promo video where he will auction off that shirt to the fetishist with the biggest heart to go to Wyoming Equality. A practice known as "Feel-Upthropy"*

*Feel-Upthropy (n.) - a subset of corporate philanthropy, in which the fundraiser/charity event embraces the human form to ensure monetary contributions will come in.

Popular forms of this practice include Underwear Auctions emcee'd by drag queens and selling clothing that had been worn on either numerous or limited occasions; Grand context here is a presumably worn only once t-shirt.*

- The video starts off with a phone interview having concluded. I don't know if that OutClique interview was conducted over the phone or not but chances are this could have been filmed right the tail-end of that and as far as I remember, nothing "damning" had ever been said.

- I don't know what kind of Monster energy drink looking thing he's drinking but yeah...I'd rather tweet links to new music than drink what he is. Sorry Steve, I'm a weirdo who'd rather you pimp music and call out bad interviewers than try this DaveyWavey strategy of clickbait thumbnail...sorry, your vlog; your rules...

- He admits it; he feels as if he's gotten a bad rap from interviews and I agree. Not due to "outrage culture", but also to the fact that over the nearly 4 years he's been in this, he's been called country, BuzzFeed forgot about him after his debut year; Queerty, Towleroad, Instinct, Out, Advocate, NewNowNext, Sydney Gay Mardi Gras' Twitter account and even the minor level outlets all pinch from his Instagram and call that a story.

Again, Steve, you could call them out for this shit and demand they pay respect to your music and maybe counter them with links to your music. After all, you can quote tweets now. [fine, I'll stop being a "PR/A&R/Executive stan" for a little bit.]

- HOWEVER, he does admit that the thing WE know he's talking about came across rather sore. Although, his music still gets paid near dust and that's not cool.

- After that, the Wyoming gig promo video is filmed where he tries to remind the viewers that at Skynet...err Grand Nation, LLC., quality is the name of the game. The sound is lost for a little bit which could spun around to "I've still got a lot to learn" and in turn could be morphed into "relatable" content.

- Yes, Steve...your tits look perky and wonderful.

- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS STEVE, WORK THOSE MOUTH MUSCLES...for vocal exercises. To improve his speech...the thing Ariana Grande shouldn't have skipped out on.

- Yeah yeah, shirtlessness who gives a fuck...OK some provincial, cutesy little story about Steve being a jock looking dude but interested in music...

The outro has Twitter first again. *screams internally* also, that arrangement of socials is probably the one he's sticking with.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This List is RANK: The Top 25 Britney Spears Songs Ever

The Madonna of Las Vegas, the original "pop princess", Britney Spears has had 9. Top. 5. Albums. 6 of them being #1, the others being 2, 3 and 4.

However, let it be said that while I'm glad I'm finally getting to compiling a list of her best songs, I have to admit this much beforehand. I'm up against 8 albums with some hits and whatever the hell Britney Jean was. I try my best to get every era/album involved in the top lists that I do, this is not gonna be easy (Or include Britney Jean material for that matter.)

That aside, when Britney songs are right, they're absolutely right. These are the best offerings The Holy SPEARit hath provided for the Britney Army [and for my casual ass, deal.]

25. "Sometimes" [from ...Baby One More Time] - The most saccharine of pop songs to the Holy SPEARit's name, "Sometimes" has a special place in history as the last acceptable mawkish pop song to have some level of earnest authenticity behind it. Then, we wanted to act like strippers, the music and chart gods delivered before telling this song, "You've done well enough."

24. "Before the Goodbye" [from Britney] - A virtually unknown track from the Asian release of Britney's 3rd album, "Before the Goodbye" is actually kind of subtle and just as cute as the other songs to her name. It isn't going to be much higher on this list due to the fact it's relatively obscure as fuck, but at least an album cut like this gets its due.

23. "You Drive Me Crazy" [from ...Baby One More Time] - You know it's the STOP! remix/video mix, right? The one that invented Adrien Grenier's relevance; had Melissa Joan Hart in it as well? Had Britney in the green tube top and ugly waitress outfit? Although just as infectious as other tracks, this one is actually kind of annoying in the gamut of Britney songs but when carefree, this song is a cute little bop.

22. "Lucky" [from Oops! I Did it Again] - The first time Britney tried a conceptual video was for a thinly veiled song about her struggles as normal girl turned pop diva sensation. There is footage with her isolated vocals that haunt me to this day, but at least "Lucky" is her most glittery song to date.

21. "Do You Wanna Come Over" [from Glory] - Yes, a song from Glory placed higher than the likes of "Lucky"; deal. While the song is prevented from higher placement due to that fucking awful male voice shouting, "Do You Wanna Come Over" is a nice, coquettish pop number which is proof that even on a mediocre album, Britney can still deliver something of high quality.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Steve Grand Plays Producer

A nice surprise entry into singer/songwriter Steve Grand's vlog hustle is this nugget he has of playing producer with Jiji who was the woman that Steve lost his love to in the video for "All-American Boy". You know the drill...after the video, OBSERVATIONS will be made.

OBSERVATIONS: As to what she's doing here, Jiji is featured on a potential new single [in the not too distant future.] Steve in true gay best friend fashion...judges her fashion [while still wearing those suspenders]...

- OK he does tell her the hat could screw with the sound as it rubs against the material it's made out of. By the way Steve; what is that stuff that makes it soundproof?

- Before I forget, at least Steve admits some vocal shortcomings. His falsetto isn't where it needs to be, hence why Jiji was contacted.

- Oh great, a nod to that Zayn and Taylor Swift duet. At least it's in reference to the breathy quality needed from the brief. By the way Steve, projection could be your friend. Don't let Zayn or even The Weeknd's career fool you; falsettos are not always necessary.

- Bill, he's working right now. He can't exactly like your Instagram post or reply to your comment on his post right now. "Later, you Bill." Well isn't that special...

- Steve, how do we know if she's being rude if you won't even type out what she said? The chocolate quote is fine and dandy and all but...come on...

- "He says my pitch is perfect right after he fixes the pitch"...or whatever Jiji mumblesaid. If you don't bust each other's chops, are you really friends? Though relax Jiji, if the song ends up on the album, I won't rip it to shreds.

- The song title isn't being said yet and honestly, OK. The title could change tomorrow after the 15th take that hour after Jiji left.

TENTATIVE but EXISTING album tracklist for "#SG2":
- "Don't Let the Light In"
- "Good to See You"
- Untitled track at the moment with vocals from "Jiji"
- and about 10-12 songs Steve will work his cute ass off to get right. over. and over. and over. and over. again.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Steve Grand Narrates His Sydney Mardi Gras Performance

Some time after performing at Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras, singer/songwriter Steve Grand is at the vlog hustle again and you know the rules; after the video will come some OBSERVATIONS. Though before I let the video stand where it will, note to the outlets [Sydney Gay Mardi Gras and LGBT outlets in turn] how dare you cheapen Grand's appearance as "hot dude on float with suspenders and a smile".

Double shame to the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras' Twitter for not even reminding people he was there to perform the next day. Seriously, it's shit like this that enrages me. I have not been lucky to see him in person yet. Don't take away needed coverage FOR HIS MUSIC/live shows all because it's easier for you to pinch from his Instagram and call that a story.

Steve, you must take righteous hits as well for playing into this cheap press. You are not a bad person if you demand respect for your music from outlets as far reaching as Sydney Gay Mardi Gras' Twitter or any of the outlets that should be focusing on your music. Every time you end up retweeting a fluff account focusing on your looks, you say to the outlets, "You know what; you're right. My music is secondary even if I have it in my social media identity. Looks matter way more." No more of this shit.
I, a fan, should not be fighting for music coverage more than you.

OBSERVATIONS: With that out of the way, Steve decides to narrate the trip/some of the things he went through to put on a different kind of show. Remember, the choreography/showmanship/dancers thing was something he hadn't done before. Also, let's get this out of the way...yes, the Australian men in speedos were featured. Whatever, let's get to the important stuff.

- One last side note/fluff to get out of the way, HE FINALLY ADMITS he's 27 now. I turn 27 in October. #ShameIsForQuitters

- Anyone that played Gran Turismo 4 knows Holden as being an Australian manufacturer [GM is their parent company] with the Commodore [SS in the game] being a featured model alongside the Monaro CV8. The truck featured in the video is kind of like a Chevrolet Avalanche but still like...made.

- Well, at least in some capacity he does promote himself. Also, as mentioned before in a previous blog assist, ANTM buffs remember the Sydney Harbour Bridge being featured as a prize for Jaslene winning the go-see challenge.

- Hugging koalas is illegal. The More You Know...

*something, something, Australian men in speedos, blah blah get to the important stuff*

- His first ever press conference? THAT'S what I'm talking about. If only we could've gotten a glimpse into what an international press outlet could ask a singer/songwriter that's Kickstarter/BuzzFeed famous. Clearance issues probably prevented that but oooh, press coverage. Also, Wonder Woman lifted him up and that was adorable.

- His Aussie fan/reason he got booked was featured so hi there! Thanks for booking Steve an international stage that big.

- As for the show details, the jock or "soft butch" aesthetic isn't really explained [also what the fuck were those giant darts about] but we're to realize this is the most...flashy is a bit of a setup considering not much clothing was involved. "Busy" has a bad connotation...this was the most out there/pop production based a show of his had ever been.

- Rehearsal footage did make this seem that the Sydney stage was turning into the VMGays and I'm impressed with a creative stretch Grand was able to make.

"Sometimes I feel a little silly standing there waving like a princess going by on her motorcade."
- Steve Grand, Pop Princess on The Rise

- Back to the VMGays style rushing, hair and makeup were done as to prevent messy hair and make it look like he wasn't sweating profusely from nerves & nerves about the performance.

- The setup goes like this; the DJ wasn't breaking to introduce him and Grand had to time when the bassline of the Dave Aude remix of "We Are the Night" was starting. From the looks of the video edit and remembering what little SGM's Twitter would show of his time there on stage, it looks like all went well.

- CLOCK the shady fan in the audience who says "I know" after Grand says "Sydney Mardi Gras you guys are amazing!"

- No "ideal" day at the beach was had the day or so after the show but at the very least his performance went off without a hitch.

- YAY recording area footage [and also bad acting...he's such a musician when he acts.]

- The social media plugs are pop-up style...and the pattern achieved had Twitter pop up first. Apparently, he's been reading the blog or it was really lucky on my end.

- Fresh from his social media, Grand writes "I’m waiting for the green light to release footage from the whole performance. Hopefully that is on it’s way sooner rather than later!"

Monday, March 6, 2017

Steve Grand Updates his EPK

In news that excites me [and pretty much only me], singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork Steve Grand put a new BTS vlog out. This time it deals with his EPK; what that is will be partially explained in the OBSERVATIONS after the video.

OBSERVATIONS: First thing's first, an EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. What Steve is doing in this case is updating his to reflect how much more he's done since the last EPK on his channel was uploaded.

- The EPK itself isn't updated in the video, but what he does is write down the notes of what to update and which song/video should be where. Anything more than 4 creates clutter on the page.

- One of the changes he talks about is song/video choice. "Time" would have to be scrapped for the Dave Aude remix of "We Are the Night". As he points out, it is a plus to have a now Grammy winning DJ behind a remix of a song.

- OK one thing to knock you for; uttering the words "an actor/enactor of change in this world". What kind of verbiage? Not even early social media profiles had anything that vacuous/pretentious/motivational speaker-esque.

- Thing 2 in the Seuss to knock you for is calling a stylus "dainty". Just don't; use your finger if you must but for the love of Gaga.

- It's not a bad lie to say 14,940,526 views is "15 Million Views". It is after all selling yourself; maybe go with "Nearly 15 Million Views" for the draft but wait a little bit to see...shit I'm starting to sound like one of the "A&R stans".

- Oh yeah, he also mentioned "Look Away". Worked with Eli Lieb who's internet famous as well.

STOP IGNORING TWITTER, Mean Muggin' the Mug. You know full damn well critics who don't do their research mean nothing and fans like me should matter more.

***BONUS SCENE of Shady Me vs. Me***

SM: FINALLY, he promotes himself instead of me having to do it just on Twitter.

M: Don't be You and I both like it when he does BTS videos like this. Besides, we just plug his music since he's too busy being booked or more likely tending to calendar orders.

SM: Don't you mean online orders in general, you shady bitch?

M: Whatever. Do you think he'll tackle "streaming" but not be stupid like Taylor Swift?

SM: Latter confirmed, but the former might not be coming for a long while. I mean not after he posts more pre-recorded stuff with those damn suspenders showing up.

M: Agreed. He'll take his time, maybe release another cover he won't promote on Twitter...err perhaps plug on Facebook more than Twitter.

SM: You're not wrong...or is it we're not wrong...

M: His vlog is good and more of the BTS content we like.

SM: Exactly.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Steve Grand Reads Comments/Pimps His Mugs

In the latest vlog, singer/songwriter/hot dork/crush Steve Grand decides to read comments about his first vlog of the year on Facebook and YouTube [there he goes again, treating Twitter like dirt even though he has the logo in the social plugs.]

Observations shall be made after the video...

OBSERVATIONS: OK he doesn't just comment about the mug and pimp it on his website, 😉 he also gives brief mention of trying to download a new plugin that's supposed to make his drums sound better. The download apparently failed and then apparently he needs Windex to clean his monitor. #WindexForSteve y'all.

- He then turns to Facebook [BOO! Facebook is evil! I'm not joining just to get attention from him! Plus my family is on there and simply put...NO.] and pretty much points out the following:


Plus with numbers to back up his claims [4,704 views in 2 hours for the vlog vs. 39,570 in a day for a flashback photo] he has to be given credit where it's due.

-_- Really almost had to look up Daniel Radcliffe when Randy pointed out "from Harry Potter"? This is almost as bad as that Google search for Chris Evans eating up precious Q&A time.

- You know, you could promote that "We Are the Night" video too. Throw out some links, point out it's a Dave Aude remix...I mean I've done that A LOT. I mean it's not like I pointed out that at the time of me writing the "We Are the Night Deserves More Views" post it had under 45K views [42,611] vs. the 500,000+ views in 6 days for a Mariah Carey [Michael Buble arrangement, whatever] cover.

[I'm pretty sure being pissed over the gym rat video with that video model noun had something to do with it as well, but I'm projecting again.]

- Aww, I sort of made it in another video of his at the 2:52 mark. I'll pat myself on the back.

- People talk and Steve sounds like he's trying not to let that screw with him too much. Perception vs. reality has kind of plagued him since the beginning of his career. That can't be dealt with overnight but at least now he seems like he can at least understand the nature of it all.

Not like certain outlets [Q, T, I, N, B & a lot more] could have focused on his music instead of Speedo pics and misconstruing his words but hey; I'm only someone who cares about music and not a narrative other people buy into.

The vlog schedule might take a hit considering he has a Sydney Mardi Gras performance to give in like a few days.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Steve Grand: PREview of things to COME

Nearly forced pun aside, I am personally so stoked right now. Singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/crush Steve Grand uploaded a new vlog where he previews NEW MUSIC. *screams internally* This is the kind of content I love to see from him, so I can safely say, this is a good day.

You know the drill by now; after the video, I will be making some observations...

OBSERVATIONS: The new tentative song [possible album cut at the very least] is called "Good to See You". This happens to be the song he previewed in his Recording Piano vlog from a year ago as seen here...

- As far as the direction of the sophomore effort, "Good to See You" actually makes better sense than I realized. Granted, this can either spell the death or possible downplaying of "Don't Let the Light In" [even though that song still gets performed and gets something of good reviews from those lucky enough to see him live. I'm not one of them yet and it makes me sad.]

- The "subtle sense of sarcasm" direction is more than likely canned given how Grand appears to be "of the Earth"/in a peace of mind. Although a darker album/that righteous anger at the Church song mentioned in Billboard would be a great outlet for him, it does make sense now that "Good to See You" is a starting point [not "the" but "a" starting point] for the sophomore effort.

As it stands now, #SG2 is still tentative but TBD tracks include "Good to See You" and "Don't Let the Light In". The only real scrapped track among his work is "Say Goodbye to Your Man".

- In general, this is another step closer to a songwriting vlog/"I'm not country, stop calling me that" video and that makes me even happier than I already am.

- Alright, I'll get this cheap joke out of the way. "I have such a raging Bosendorfer for BTS music content from Steve Grand right now."

- I can't possibly be the only one to have spotted the lion picture and thought "that's probably from his South Africa trip." Either that or his "big cat" obsession is a bit...well..."odd" is a strong word and "interesting" is shady as fuck to use so it's just...worth noting.

- Steve, let me tell you now; it's not really cheating and to be honest, musician types and critical types like me wouldn't really know the difference [and in my case, I wouldn't give a shit about a technique whether or I like a song or not.]

- "I walked across the universe/but I never left this place" Mars from "Better Off", universe in "Good to See You"; what is it with singers and outer space?

- No video is planned right now nor are we expecting one considering that you're just now starting to work on the record again. Calm down you hyper-perfectionist.

- Don't spoil all the songs but at least talk about musical influences [besides The Beatles because every other musician will say them, Sir Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Hozier for some reason] or songwriting/lyricism/telling off critics once and for all that you're not "country". Just a thought.

- Did I clock the lyric or half the lyric..."...California/getting lost in someone else"? At the very least some Lana Del Rey influence is seeping in and I am pleased with that.

- At the very least, Steve admits that other business [or "business-y" stuff] does eat up a lot of his time especially for a yet to be signed artist and is trying his damndest to navigate the oxymoron that is the music business.

- STOP IGNORING TWITTER. Don't let those critics take away from me...err...another platform. At least the logo is there but don't ignore Twitter.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Steve Grand: A DYMO Dozen

Keeping to schedule [maybe a smidge bit early], singer/songwriter, hot dork, LGBTQ activist Steve Grand has another BTS video. Yes, it deals with merchandise again, but let's face facts; a lot of you out there didn't bother to stream his songs on Spotify/YouTube or buy CD units of All-American Boy.*

*OK, maybe passive-aggressive plugging isn't the kosher thing to do. Also there's something called iTunes but whatever.

However, this verse is the same as the first. After the video comes some observations...

OBSERVATIONS - As far as organization goes, he's stuck to the same method for inventory. Even if he sounds like he forgot what the at was at first.

- Oh great; the calendar. No T, No Shade but as much as I'm happy for you raking in more money to further your music career, maybe get to a cover [of a song that doesn't suck] or talk about songwriting/artist identity/say once and for all "I'm not a country artist."*

*OK, he's done that once before in that Cricket sponsored Max Emerson video but considering Grand is still called "country"...maybe get around to something like that. Your vlog, your rules but don't ignore this.

- The printer from the last merchandise video is officially retired with his new thermal printer from the Wonderful World of DYMO. Yes, with our revolutionary thermal printing technology, say goodbye to buying ink cartridges ever again.

DYMO/Skynet Corporation: We Make Printing DYMO-mite!

*swats corporate thugs* I'm barely a thing with my favorite; fuck all the way off.

- Randy the camerman or post-editing is shady as hell. Trying to read Steve for his clothing. He's still not materialistic, y'all. Remember the Hey Qween interview? That's where he talked about his sense of recyclable style.

- Oh great...the calendar again...for what it's worth, that green speedo of his is his signature one. He made a shot of it with a hat into that meme thing I and like 4 other people did. Me being the crazy bitch I am, I took it into overdrive. #WhoElseHas32IterationsOfASillyMeme

- The thirsty sect of the fanbase buys calendars but not coffee can that be? #FanneeDoolee
Credit where credit is due, at least he does point out that some merchandise doesn't sell as well as others.

- Quote of the day: when prompted about an image of his face that appears on the modest selling coffee mugs...

"It's like my version of the Mona Lisa, only more cuntier."
- Steve Grand

Singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/almost poet laureate if he would realize "more cuntier" is a grammatical fuckup. You might sell ten...err tens of coffee mugs to people but consider yourself lightly roasted, sweetheart.

- Even with the shipping label scenario improved upon, you still have things internally holding you back as a musician, Steve. Hyperperfectionism AKA when you record multiple takes of a song you end up scrapping, is the biggest one.
Oh and honey bunny, musician and clean go together like...well as well MC Skat Cat and Paula Abdul did after the late 1980s.

- STOP IGNORING TWITTER. I'm the nice one on there. This time, no preview for what's coming next week but maybe just maybe it's that elusive songwriting video. I am allowed to hold out for hope that he comes to San Antonio and that he can finally rebuke the country label once and for all and have people listen.

Until he vlogs again, off to the races.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Steve Grand Makes an AD of Himself

Normally, anything that's a glorified commercial/trailer/teaser wouldn't get much attention as it's cute. Considering it's a Steve Grand montage, I'll take certain exception and use this as a lightning round set of OBSERVATIONS...

OBSERVATIONS: YOU HEAR THAT? Singer/songwriter Steve Grand. If I have to remind any of you of that again, it's not going to be pretty.

- We're reminded of his Fort Lauderdale gig, him being suspender in disbelief and the OutClique interview* [which has him saying he's not putting out an album though that was planned before]

*Yes I'm aware that a photoshoot took place and that "Soakin' Wet" is playing over the small snippets of BTS footage shown. MUSIC FIRST. If you can look at him, you can listen to him too.

- Apparently, he either had to be reminded, or that cathedral in Fort Lauderdale has to constantly tell people "Don't touch these buttons".

- The suspenders fell off but later reappeared with his shirt off at one point...I mean; it's nice but reminder: HE'S A SINGER/SONGWRITER FIRST.

- Oh what's that? The original mix of "We Are the Night" gets a little love too. Not that ignoring the videos of it are excused either. #JusticeForWeAreTheNight

Overall, the commercial/self-promotion is cute. His next "official" vlog is coming and I forgot to mention he even previewed what would happen. It's shipping related as a printer acted goofy, technological mishaps look to have happened. Either way, it's something to look forward to.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Steve Grand MUGS For the Vlogs Again

Fresh off of announcing his highest profile international gig to date, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras held in March, singer/songwriter/LGBTQ activist/hot dork/noun Steve Grand released a new video in which he's trying his hands at vlogging again.

You know what that means. After the video, I'll be making observations...

OBSERVATIONS: He's not actually self-absorbed. Selling a coffee mug with his face on it is simply him trying to make a living aside from releasing music...(That the rest of you could've at least streamed on Spotify, watched on YouTube, or shared on Twitter, etc. so he wouldn't have to sell mugs, calendars and anything else you'd let slide with another artist. 💅)

- Wait a minute...someone named "Randy" behind the camera with someone I've been crushing on for years on camera...this is taking me back to my Randy Blue 2007-2009 viewings and I'm not ready for that.

- "I'm not sure exactly what story we're gonna tell here" AKA what musicians learn to say in a certain happy/nervous/neurotic manner.

- He does have a point when it comes to $ "vs" Spotify as in his case, he's been learning how to strengthen his business acumen. At the same time, don't be stupid and act like it doesn't exist. Less acerbic, at least find a way to say "I can make iTunes and Spotify work for me as to not piss off fans but also make a viable living off what I love."

- The new booth he built by hand gets more screen time. And even if you wanted to have hot, filthy sex in there, if it's's probably poorly ventilated so the sex stench would probably fuck around with the vocals.

- Just a reminder: keyboard/piano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> acoustic guitar.

- OK what keeps getting blurred with the "foggy shower square" thing? Wait...cameraman...Randy...the setup is much too ripe and I shant be touching that.

- HOT DAMN, he just admitted to being in therapy. Best of luck.

- And his co-host Mean MUGGIN closes out the show [don't forget TWITTER. I'm the nice one here.]

So in around 2 weeks to some point on the Gregorian Calendar, Steve could have a nugget/snippet/new video. Can't wait.

Monday, January 2, 2017

What Makes Steve Grand "Clique"

In a recent feature in OutClique Magazine [] singer/songwriter Steve Grand opened up on 1 year of sobriety, music plans and even shared something personal to which I'm redirecting you to the magazine for that. This post will merely respond/comment on some of the answers given.

When asked about his 2016:

Essentially the entire first answer is that despite obvious pitfalls of 2016, he was booked. He was fulfilling online orders and being less in the spotlight though he notes "Obviously, not completely, because I need to do my shows and some work, but I feel like it really has been a year where some things really clicked in me. I have been able to be more productive and happy with my productivity than ever before."

Abridged version: All work, some play makes Grand happy.

When asked about his public announcement regarding his sobriety:

"I didn't really want this article to be about all of that, because I want to stick with it more before I make a thing of it. But what I will say, is that it has definitely been a very important decision to me."

Not for nothing, but considering it's a major change in your life and a change that might spur someone to seek sobriety for themselves [and you went public with it on your own] talking about it is sort of a thing. Of course being this is probably the first [and most likely only] interview you're discussing it, everything is up to you.

On similarities between him and "Look Away" collaborater Eli Lieb and a near "pitting against each other" story:

"In 2013 we both released songs and music videos that a lot of people saw similarities between because they both portrayed same sex love stories. And, both came out around the fourth of July."

Not like BuzzFeed mentioned Eli as well, but continue...

"I even had a few interviews in which the interviewer would sort of try to pit him or pit me against each other, which the media sometimes tries to do. But we never really fell into that."

Never suspected the pitting artists thing could apply to independent/non-major label artists, but apparently it can.

When asked about musical influences:

He really doesn't answer this question apart from mentioning The Beatles [Which WOW, I'm floored; a musician inspired by The Beatles, how unique.] His influences come and go with the wind but know he's the type that listened to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga, Neil Young, Hozier and is obsessed with Sir Elton John so he has some understanding across all eras.

Add in some being inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and big shots of any and every industry and that's that section.

[There's also a really personal and sad section that if you must know, use the link to the interview.]

When asked about future projects:

"Originally, I intended to put out another album in either the Summer or Fall of 2017, but that didn't happen."

As to why this is a good thing he says, "I feel like the album I would have made would have been angry and I don't feel angry anymore. I feel like I have overcome a lot within myself over these past few years."

Already, I can detect a scrapping of that righteous anger at the church song as mentioned from Billboard in 2015. In turn, that whole "subtle sense of sarcasm"/"dark" album is out of the question. As for the status of "Don't Let the Light In"? That's speculative though in a vlog from 2015 about the piano effects in his music, he pretty much said he can write, record and tinker with something for any length of time and then scrap the whole thing.

Also up in the air is a one time mentioned "covers album" from an interview late last year with a UBN radio show where he was the +1 of the Halloweenie organizers. Granted, I happened to have been involved with near goading that out of him because I wanted to know if anything was coming up [and was really the only one paying attention in the chat section for that...never mind.]

The interview ended up being nice and I don't have much else to say. Other than thanks for opening up, Steve.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Steve Grand Rang In The New Year 1 Year Sober

[NOTE: This post is simply meant to congratulate openly gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand for 1 year of sobriety.]

2017 is already in the right direction for Grand as he recently took to social media mere minutes before ringing in the New Year at his Denver show to not only promote his calendar available at but to announce 1 year of sobriety.

His post reads:

"I’m about to hop on stage at @tracksdenver to do the countdown to midnight and perform, but I wanted to take this moment to say 'THANK YOU!'

For many reasons, 2016 was the best year of my life. So much of what made it great had everything to do your support and I hope you all know how much I appreciate you sticking with me through this journey-of-a-lifetime.

I started 2016 at my desk working. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let my demons take a hold of me for another year. I was going to spend more time feeling grateful for life’s many blessings and less time feeling sorry for myself. I was going to take back control of my life, my dreams, my health, and my well-being.

It’s been a year since I’ve taken a sip of alcohol, puffed on a cigarette, stumbled out of a club, or woke up and didn’t know where I was.

In 2016, I worked harder than I have in my life. I did more, and said less. I performed on a new continent. Released 2 new songs and music videos. Climbed out of six figures of dept. Laid the ground work for a new business venture. Started eating less protein shakes and more real food. Added cardio to my fitness routine. Lost many battles with sugar :( (but I fight on! ;)). Built my own sound booth. Invested what I earned back into my craft with live performance and at-home recording equipment.

In 2016 I better learned to own up to my mistakes/missteps/mis-speaks, learn from them, and then forgive myself and move on, even when others won’t. 
I accepted that the universe and all the creatures in it owe me nothing: not fairness or truth or understanding, and in that way, I am just like everybody else. And all of that is okay. 
I stopped letting myself be angry. 
I let things go.

And more stuff but now I REALLU 
have to get my ass on stage!!

Cheers! Happy New Year! Thank you!!!

Booking inquiries? Contact:

Tour dates and details: follow me on:

For my Second LIMITED EDITION 2017 photo calendar (here are one of the sample shots) go to my webstore:

(at Tracks Denver)."

It's a big deal to be this open with fans/the same people that to be fair, owe you respect for music. *remembers the "owes me nothing" section* You know what I mean. Again, congratulations are in order for Grand as 1 year can add up to another day and then another year and so on for sobriety.

I "don't know" how those got there, but since they're there...also keep in mind his music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.